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Larger 18" tyres for Disco2


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I had 265.75x16 tyres on my P38, but the 'new' Disco has come with 2 sets of 18"

alloy wheels. Anyone running larger tyres in 18" flavour and if so what size?

I am hoping to get something similar to 265.75x16 and 255.70x18 seems nearest

although a few mm taller.

How will an untuned (at the moment) Td5 cope? (Probabaly badly). Never really

noticed the difference in the RR.

Thoughts, views, experiences, or just generral comments please.

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Many people, including me, wouldn't recomend 18" or larger alloys on a D2 as generally they don't ride or handle well on larger wheels. The 18" alloys have been know to tram line badly and generally give a harsher ride.

Presumably if you had 265/75/16s on the RR then they were an AT or MT pattern, which will be very limited on 18" sizes.

Size wise, I run 255/70/16 on my un-tuned D2 and the performance has suffered noticeably (not badly, just you notice it, particularily when loaded). My tyres work out as 30" OD, compared to 29" standard. Your 265/75/16 would be 32" OD and a big increase for the little Td5 to cope with. With tuning or a transfer box change they would be fine.

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To be honest in the 3 weeks I have driven the vehicle (owned for over 3 months, but that is another

story <_< ) I don't find the ride bad.

It will just be a pain and more expensive to buy 9 new tyres and wheels (16") rather than just new

tyres, even if I can sell the other wheels and tyres.

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Hi, I have 265/65/18 bfg at's on my D2 . I have removed the egr and have a straight through midpipe but no tune (yet) . It labours a little off boost but with careful use of the clutch its ok and I'm used to it. It's not 100% ideal but fully loaded with 3 adults , dog, luggage and Christmas presents its the same .... had to wind the steering stop out a turn but other wise I'm happy . Give good under diff clearance too !


Cheers, Phil.

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