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Swivel oil leak Offside


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As the title suggests, had the nearside rear wheel bearing replaced a couple of days ago, and it has sat idle since then. Went to get in today and noticed an oil leak in the offside rear swivel.

Is this related do you think? Going back to the garage, but want any ideas you have before I go to them.


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If it's related then it'll be because the breather pipe on top of the axle case is blocked.

As everything warms up in the axle, the air inside the casing will expand and, if the breather is blocked, the pressure could push oil past a weak hub seal. ;)

So it may not be anything they have done, it could just be that the pressure was being released through the seal on the other side until they put a new hub seal on it.

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In that case then just change the seal, re-pack the wheel bearings, make sure the breather is clear and maybe fit a new set of brake pads if the set that are on there have been contaminated with EP90.

That should be you. :D

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