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Water / coolant temp


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Hi there,

how long or far should it take for the water in the expansion tank to heat up, I am asking as I had the Rover out for the longest drive its been on in a while ( about a whole 30 miles) but brought it up to full speed and it was up and down hills etc, the water temp gauge came up to half way and stayed there, same with oil gauge, but when I stopped the water in the expansion tank was lukewarm / tepid? Is this normal? or could I have an underlying problem?.

I am also getting a lot of white/grey smoke on every start up which dissapears after a few minutes, could this be related looking through my search here it seems to be throwing up all kinds of things ( head gasket being the worst yet).

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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Header tank temperature is likely to be completely normal. There's very very little flow through the header tank during normal running.

As above, is it smoke or steam? If it's white diesel smelling smoke, it's likely you've got incomplete combution caused by tired injectors and/or cold cylinder walls. How old are the injectors and glow plugs?

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Don't actually know what it smells like, as I have always been in the cab, smells kinda, well, exhausty, and thats only what ive smelled from inside, I will try and check the smell. As for water loss, there doesn't appear to be any major loss.

And the plugs and other things they are all at the very least 1998, 'cause thats when I got it and nothings been done to the engine except for oil and filters.

What is involved in changing the glow plugs and the other bits mentioned?.


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