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freelander 2 keys


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Hi all,

I knew that the FL2 keys (keyfobs) are recharged when driving, however I was unpleasantly surprised when, after a 3 weeks in garage, I could not open the car.

I have tried with the 2nd key, but of course this dind't work either, actually was staying in a closet for more than 6 months, so this was quite normal (?!).

After talking to the dealer, I managed to open the car with the mechanical key.

I think other owners should be aware that you must rotate the key clockwise (it may be written in the manual, but if the manual is not t hand, or it is in the car...) AND you need to rotate it pretty hard (I thought that the key would break, but it didn't).

Once the car is opened, the alarm starts but it stops once you insert the keyfob in its place.

As you may imagine, the procedure takes time - I wonder what happens if you stand in the rain, or if you have an emergency?!

The real problem is that you never know:

- if the battery needs charging

- for how long you need to charge it.

It seems there is no alternative way to charge it, nor to replace the battery!

If some of you guys know otherwise, please let me know!

Thank you


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Indeed, modern technology can keep you in the rain sometimes...

I found the answer on the net: I can either get a new key, or open the fob using a sharp knife :unsure: then replace the battery, which is a rechargeable coin-shape Panasonic battery. (Of course, this is possible only if you got the right tool, as the battery is soldered on the PCB).

Meanwhile I will try to keep in mind to use the car at least once a week, and to rotate the keys...


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