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LHD to RHD vs 3door to 5door conversions

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Have a 300 Tdi Hard Top since new. We are outgrowing the 3doors, a 5door SW setup would do nicely.

I did get a 1989 V8 sw looking like it is in good shape, but is Lhand steering. The price is less than what I can get for my Tdi and has extras like AC that I dont have.

Unfortunately we cant register Lhand drives in South Africa any more.

What is harder: Converting to RHD or swapping the body?


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Id rank swapping the body as slightly harder as ive never done that but they're probabily about the same.

Were you going to swap the engine over too?


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Nope. Swap the steering and keep the V8 as is, or transplant the 5door body from the V8 to the Tdi.

At this point the body thing looks like the winner, the only basis for that is this guy in the middle east that did some stuff now the petrol price is going up again

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