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clutch pedal adjustment

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Hi all

I have a Defender 110 300tdi with an R380 gearbox in it.

It seems to have a lot of play in the pedal (1cm). According to my Haynes manual from the floor to the lower edge of the rubber should be 140mm. To my measurements mine is 150mm. Which means it is 10mm out. I understand how to make this adjustment but I'm a bit hazy on how to adjust the freeplay on the pedal as well as the freeplay between the pushrod and the master cylinder as there only seems to be one method of adjustment which is two locknuts on the pushrod. Which is the easiest way to get the adjustment right? That is, do I adjust the pushrod freeplay to 1.5mm or the freeplay on the pedal to be 6mm?

I've only had the vehicle for 18months and I'm not sure if it was like this when I had it or whether it has gone like this since, I think it is since I had it back from the MOT. I also noticed that the cross member underneath the gearbox has been moved as you can tell that the bolts have been disturbed. I asked the bloke about this and he claims that he hasn't touched it but I don't think he did the work, I think it was one of his lads. I don't think the problem is with the clutch itself as that is engaging the gears fine it just seems to be a sloppy pedal.

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adjust the bolt on the forward face of clutch pedal box to reset the pedal height above the floor, [i remove the rubber pad when I check or set my pedal]

end float is adjusted on the cylinder pushrod/locknuts. ensure there is 1.5mm freplay between pushrod & cylinder piston, then tighten locknuts, check minimum of 6mm free play at pedal before pressure is felt at pedal

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1cm of free play is nothing at all and could be down to something such as weak pedal spring, worn pivot point, internal wear of the master cylinder, or other things within the clutch system. As long as the bite point is ok with you, then don't worry about it. If you make the pedal too tight - you may be introducing clutch slip. The free play between the operating rod and the clutch master equates to about 10mm on the pedal. You could replace the whole clutch system with brand new parts and it'll be perfect :)


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