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Pollak valves


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Anyone has experience with these valves, in a dual diesel tank system?

It will be for a SIII SWB. I was thinking on a 6 port, to have only 1 switch in the dash for the main/aux tank, and have the standard fuel gauge read the corresponding tank.

I know some Pollak sold on eBay were not genuine, but I intend to buy from Oilybits or BioTuning (they seem to have a good price, and have the real thing).

I may consider alternatives, but they have to be simple to install and operate, be reliable, and not cost it's weight on gold!

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Nope, no problems. Just works. As you say, nice as everything is in one including the the switchover of the sender signal.

If you are not using the supplied switch, you need to make sure you get a DPDT switch and wire it correctly as you are switching both ground and power at the same time.

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