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Power Steering


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I have just cleaned my power steering pump on my 200tdi to see where the oil was leaking from.

Seams to be the shaft seal.

Has anyone got any idea if this seal can be changed or is the pump a sealed unit in which case I will have to source another pump.



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ask anyone & they'll say its replacement time. however i have rebuilt a pump off a 200tdi in the past.

was a while ago but from memory

take the pump off - simple bit 1st :D

remove the pulley

remove the pressure control valve - O ring to replace here

the pump body will then slide backwards with some percussion adjustment - read careful use of BFH, BIG O ring to replace here

the exposed pump has a magnet on the internal casing that will be covered in swarf - clean it while your in there

the pump has 4 bolts that hold it together, undo & lift the back off the pump

this exposes the rotor, try not to loose the vanes etc or the key that holds it on the shaft - everything here just lifts off

the 'indent' in the pump body that the rotor sits in is infact a seperate plate, it may fall off - try to note how it fits as i takes me ages work it out again

then it gets fun. the plate on the front of the shaft that the pulley fits too is pushed onto the shaft & needs to be pulled off the shaft - great fun if like me you have no pullers

behind that is a plastic **** guard that slides off reveling the clip that holds the bearing in

i always tap the shaft out from behind with brings the bearing with it

the oil seal is behind the bearing

i cant remember the part number for the bearing but i changed mine as it was dead & thats what killed my pump - cost was about £6 from a bearing specialist

when you rebuild it, fill the steering fluid up till the level steadys then start the car. as soon as it runs the level will drop. once you've topped it up again keep turning the steering lock to lock till the level stops dropping. thats it the system is bled.

first time i did it took about 3 hours after dark in the winter working in the road. stripped the pump in the boot as its the only working space i have.

hope it helps, it was a couple of years since i did mine so dont take it all as gospel.

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if i can find them still i might have a couple of pics of the inside of the pump if you want them Pete. just remembered, be careful of the pump body its cast & easy to break when using BFHs to drift stuff out. i damaged the front where the bearing retaining clip fits & had to fiddle about a load to retain the bearing on rebuilding it.

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good job you posted a reminder i'd forgotten

heres inside the pump once you've taken the 'can' off


after you've removed the 4 bolts heres the rotor you'll see - on a defender its gear pump but comes apart the same


heres the whole thing in bits


i dont have a pic of the clip that holds the bearing in the front, mine had broke & gone missing which why my pump died. when you take the pulley off, the flat thing the pulley bolts to will drift off the shaft. there is then a plastic dust guard behind it, slide that off too to reveal the clip. then once you slide the shaft & bearing out you'll see the oil seal. i replaced the bearing for about £6 from a local bearing place when i did mine.

hope it all helps

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