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Chatting with the Range Warden today we were talking about where one may and may not drive. He was not aware of the recent changes to RUPPs which surprised me. He also confirmed that the bylaws of the plain state that all man-made tracks on the SPTA are permissive ROWs - when the flags are not flying. There was some discussion about what constitutes a man made track - as he pointed out, if a tank drives over some grass then there is a track made by a man. Could we drive it? I think we compromised on the use of aggregate constituting a man made track.

A little later I was inspecting the bylaws notice posted at the edge of the SPTA and I could not find any mention of any such rule. Is there another set of bylaws which i have not seen? Can anyone point me to a definitive answer?



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Guest diesel_jim

The "man made" gravel tracks are referred to as "categorie 1" tracks.

that's all i know! what the different categories are, dunno! ;)

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