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What size bolts

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What size/ length are the bolts for the front hocky sticks, "U" bits under the axles

Mine are from the original RR and the thread just pokes out from the nylock....and I would prefer them to be longer :blink:

so anyone ?, save me having to take one out to measure it :blink:

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Got some choices here from my EPC [all Defender/90/110 bits] in VIN order

5/8th unf x 3 1/2 inches To (V) KA 930434 -- BH610218L

M16 x 100mm High Tensile From (V) KA 930435 To (V) LA 939975 --- BX116201L

M16 x 100mm - dacromat From (V) MA 939976 To (V) WA 159806 --- BH116207

M16 x 90 - dacromat From (V) XA 159807 To (V) ZA 619069 --- BH116187

M16 - 100mm -dacromat From (V) 1A 619070 --- ANR5804

dacromat must be some form of surface finish, I've not heard of it before,

hope that helps :i-m_so_happy:

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