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Flexible Petrol tank filler pipe?


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I have a custom alu tank to fit to the RRC at the moment and i'm not really sure about how to sort the filler pipe that will run from the tank to the wing.

The tank has a 2" filler pipe sticking out of it, and i need about 2 feet of pipe that will come out of the tank, turn 90deg and then run to the wing where the existing filler hole is.

does anyone have any good suggestions on a method of making a suitable pipe?



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petrol - pah, work of the devil :lol:

couple of options for you,

Spendy and quick - demon tweeks sell the hose and a filler cap

Cheaper and pretty quick - a good Chandlers, they sell big bore fuel filler hoses for the boats, bike breakers for a flush fit filler cap

Cheapest - hunt round breakers for bits of old hose - eeek :( and refit the Rangie filler

if you are going swimming then make sure the vent is routed up high and check the filler seals properly (pressurise the tank via the breather and go on a hiss hunt)

hope thats some help <_<

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I used a combination of stainless tube, some 90 degree elbows and bling bling filler cap from Demon Tweeks (ouch!) and the original straight filler hose. I folded myself a recessed filler mount coz with it flush mounted on the D post it took for ever to fill up. Throw in a couple of hundred jubilee clips and Robert is your mother's brother!

Out of interest, who made your custom tank? How big is it and how much did you pay (if you don't mind me asking :ph34r: ) I'm on the hunt for one myself....

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A friend made it for me from aluminium and it cost me a couple of bottles of shiraz. Dimensions are:


Its small,but its only a reserve tank for if i run out of LPG and it sits at the forward end of where the normal RRC tank would sit. This will leave me a space between the chassis rails at the very back underneath the boot floor. I'm going to use a couple of bits of angle iron welded to the inner legs for the tank to bolt to.

I had half thought that it would be good space for a rear winch, a storage locker or even just a space to allow a twin tail pipe setup to run across the chassis rails to make a twin pipe setup.

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look up this item on the bay and send the seller a question with your requirements 220025578699

I've had a few tanks and other bits and pieces off him, very reasonable price wise and excellent quality. full custom tanks are not a problem. must be worth a try?

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