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Difference between Salisbuy's (Leaf/Coil)

Soren Frimodt

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I know this subject has been up before, but can't really find anything usefull, basically, whats the difference in the locker department? Why is there an airlocker for a leafer, and another one for a coiler? I've always assumed the R&P where interchangeable, and since they're all Imperial threaded, what's the difference?

I'm asking because I'm about to fit a Salisbury axle to the rear of my 88" and possibly in the front later on, so would like to know what lockers are out there.


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Because the ratio is different (except for the Stage 1) the carrier is a different thickness. (and the hardware is metric ;)

I think the changeover point is 4.27:1.

ie. That, and numerically lower uses the 3.54:1 carrier, numerically higher is the 4.88 one.

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Oh ye wise Internet, you never manage to fail me! :D Thank you very much for enlightening me Rick ;)

Okay, I had no clue whatsoever about this, so all in all, this means that the only locker that will be interchangeable is the kind where you swap the spider-gears and pins, like this one?: http://ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=308

Or is this not interchangeable either?

Could a spacer ring alternatively be made as per Rover diff?

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