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  1. Had to buy it when I had the Mog 404, otherwise I couldn't lift it high enough to go from the 38"s to the 49"s Indeed I do, especially because it runs so smooth and silently at idle, and when you dab the throttle you get a lovely turbo whine Here you can see it doing a bit of Trialling this Summer:
  2. Doing a bit of fiddling (as always) on this thing.. One of the things I wanted to improve was the rear suspension which was too stiff. a combination of the springs being to hard and the Koni's I've fitted being way overkill in regards to the weight and speed of this buggy. BUT I'd hate to take off the Koni's to put something lesser in its place. So first off I'll try some different springs, so I dug these old ones from the back of an RRC out. They're super soft and seem to work perfect for the job! I now actually have a decent amount of travel in the back: I could've used spring dislocation cones and gotten even more travel, but I like them fixed at both ends (makes it more predictable at the tilting point)
  3. Indeed, its a constant evolution of driving and finding the problems, then fixing them. Drive some more, find the next problems etc.. With the turbo on the 1.8 I now have enough power, and I'm getting more and more used to the manually operated autobox, so definitely enjoying it more and more
  4. yup they are too stiff, after removing the front winch and going to petrol engine, my front springs, which were already on the stiff end of the scale, are now way too stiff. But there are other more challenging factors, first off I have almost as much unsprung mass as I have mass over the springs, and secondly the torquetube design have some weird handling characteristics, especially in the front with the very short tube. The tyres are only on 6psi so they give plenty. But this very descend is one of the real nasties, even the long low JWH had its near misses on this one ?
  6. Well 'right' is a relative thing Bowie, so when I say my mind isn't right, remember where the scale starts
  7. Anyone going to Kelmarsh ( Billing ) show

    I'm interested to hear how the Kelmarsh event is goint to be, as we plan on going to a UK Event next year. because of the 70 year of the brand. We are quite a lot of members of the Danish Land Rover Club that have a tradition of going every ten years, however it can be hard to find out which event is the best/right one. In '98 at Eastnor it was en epic event, but in '08 at the same place it was quite dull in comparison.
  8. Sorry, my mind isn't right today
  9. D130 on 54s testing

    Great to see it out running! I really liked that Land Rover touch as well ? please don't fix the striker ? The tyres will get softer from use, also keeping then out in the sun as much aw possible helps the ageing which makes them softer.
  10. Haha yeah an old Landy fuel cap, what can you expect? ?
  11. tested me cage today
  12. Worn hydraulic shaft pin journals

    Is it fitted with spherical ends or just plane ones with bronze bushes? Both can be replaced/refurbed
  13. ATF or 15W40 in your LT230?

    Is it a planetary gear type then? If so ATF sounds about right do you engage it via an electric switch like on an old MG? I wish the series overdrives were like that, much less noisy and easier to engage/disengage. Does anybody know if such a type was ever made for the series?
  14. ATF or 15W40 in your LT230?

    Haha okay, no wonder you got us all confused then If the ATF is better suited for high temp than the EP90 I wouldn't hesitate to use it, as heat seems to be the killer of overdrives in general. Unless of course there's an oilpump in the overdrive that is designed for a certain viscousity but I have no clue if that is the case. My overdrive experinece is limited to an old Fairey for a Series box