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  1. Soren Frimodt

    Engine and Component weights

    Great stuff Jamie, that c304 is surprisingly light at the front end, especially considering it has 6cyl engine
  2. Soren Frimodt

    Series one 80” V8, will a Auto Box fit ?

    At the 50th anniversary at brecon beacon? I crawled under an 80" with that exact setup, and boy was the rear prop short 😁
  3. Soren Frimodt

    Stage one saga.

    Wow what a turn of events! Even though I'm a petrol guy ti the bone, I can't deny what an epic engine the Cummins 6 is! Cool stuff
  4. Soren Frimodt

    Stage one saga.

    Great to see some updates on this So is the engine getting center-mounted then?
  5. Yeah you're probably right about that, moving the TRE further in at the swivel would put more force on the steeringbox shaft anyways
  6. Well we all know what difference another couple of cm's can do.. I would be worried about breaking the already quite weak shaft in the steering box though?
  7. Soren Frimodt

    kiwi series build

    Like the color on those mounts Oh and the Fab is pretty nice too
  8. Soren Frimodt

    ibex 300 build

    Good on ya' mate!
  9. Soren Frimodt

    kiwi series build

    Thanks for clarifying De Ranged Makes good sense, suspension geometry is not only a very complicated subject but also one of personal preference, that is what makes it a subject that keeps me intrigued On a more factory type 4x4 I can see some potential clearance issues with your setup though, but of course not a concern in this instance
  10. Soren Frimodt

    kiwi series build

    Sounds like good guess
  11. Soren Frimodt

    kiwi series build

    Great stuff as always DeRanged, you provide some of the best tech on here What are the benefits of fitting the lower links to the backside of the housing as you have done? To get more lenght or?
  12. With 34°c in the garage and the hot moist air rising from the pit, even swapping out engine mounts is killing me!
  13. Yes and the lovely grip of the Krawlers! I ran the 37" Discoverers for the first 1,5 week to get a good feeling of them and then switched to the Krawlers for the remaining 1,5 weeks and even running a higher pressure because of the tubes in the Krawlers the grip was noticeably better in the loose stuff, somethig I did not expect. So now I don't know which tyres to run 1600kgs with both winches a bit of spareparts, straps etc.
  14. Handed it over to a friend for a short run at a Trials course so was able to film it in action myself (which was weird ) Check it out:
  15. Somewhere in between, initially thought it was just the 10 spline stub.. But then the wheel locked Up, and I knew it was the CV 😉😂 My pleasure 😁

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