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  1. Oh and that top commercial Arjan posted is Danish, and indeed I've seen some with the fixed side window. Probably fitted to vans
  2. Hi, I don't know of any RRC specialists here really, but if you put up a post on dlrk.dk which is the one and only Danish Land Rover Club I'm sure someone will guide you in the right direction 👍
  3. Great stuff as always Dave 👍 Will also be nice for Those running portals 😉
  4. Oh my, I wonder why 🤔 Could it be the AG Tyres? 😆
  5. Not bad for a complete door really! If you have ever lifted a RRC door of you know what I mean 😂
  6. Out with the old, in with the even older 😂 going to run this engine as the cam in the other one is knackered due to running without oil pressure. Started this one up before removing it from donor, it sounds good and has oil pressure so can't really be any worse 😎
  7. So the gearbox turned out to be completely destroyed.. what to do? Found a rusted out donor in the neighbourhood and towed it home. The last couple of days has been spend taking it apart and saving what I need. Always sad to see a classic British icon being scrapped, but I hope that with this company it was laid to rest properly:
  8. Indeed I do! 👍 Well a refurbed unit from rimmerbros is 708ÂŖ add about a 100ÂŖ for shipping and another 100ÂŖ because I wont deliver one in return and thats what I'm willing to spend and the specialist
  9. My girlfriend was lovely enough to give me helping hand removing the gearbox today so we can drop it off at the specialist soon. Usually I would take the time to take it apart myself and learn how it all Works, however being a motorcycle mechanic this time of year equals hectic and long workdays:
  10. Would definitely be an upgrade but would actually rather have the bomb proof TorqueFlite 727 but in both cases modifying the car to suit would tale more time than I want to spend. And with the torquetube design space is Limited
  11. Haha yeah would be awesome! Anyways my great fear is that it turns the box cant really be made stronger and that it is a weakness (the internet kinda tells med it is) because then I'm not sure I wan't to fit the 4,6 😟 wouldnt really enjoy it with a gearbox made og glass 😮
  12. Yes I would love a manual, however with All the bits I'll need to convert the only real way would be to find a donor car and swap Everything over. And this will be no cheap or easy task. And I wouldnt know the condition of the donor box anyway 😟 But we have this bloke who specializes in auto boxes and especially for dragracing purposes. I'm going to ask him if there's anything that cam be done to beef it up whilst he repairs it
  13. Yes in manual form they are but sadly this is an auto, a BW 65 to be exact
  14. Soo.. Everything was going fine and I was enjoying cruising the SD1 whilst sorting out some odds and ends 👍 well that was till today where, presumeably the "forward clutch" let go in the gearbox with a "ping" in a roundabout ☚ī¸ Guess I'm taking the gearbox out then!
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