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  1. With 34Β°c in the garage and the hot moist air rising from the pit, even swapping out engine mounts is killing me!
  2. Yes and the lovely grip of the Krawlers! I ran the 37" Discoverers for the first 1,5 week to get a good feeling of them and then switched to the Krawlers for the remaining 1,5 weeks and even running a higher pressure because of the tubes in the Krawlers the grip was noticeably better in the loose stuff, somethig I did not expect. So now I don't know which tyres to run 1600kgs with both winches a bit of spareparts, straps etc.
  3. Handed it over to a friend for a short run at a Trials course so was able to film it in action myself (which was weird ) Check it out:
  4. Somewhere in between, initially thought it was just the 10 spline stub.. But then the wheel locked Up, and I knew it was the CV πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ My pleasure 😁
  5. Yeah who knew 37's on 6psi and a frontlocker would be hard on a stock CV? πŸ˜‚
  6. Thnx guys, just realized i had vid of the gearbox crane in action as well 😁 VID_20180712_080137.mp4
  7. So far testing is going according to plan, VERY capable machine and easy to drive. Throwout bearing died om me, so the rearwinch was God-sent:
  8. Soren Frimodt

    Volvo C202 build

  9. Soren Frimodt

    ibex 300 build

    Good job mate πŸ‘ been a Long time coming, but I bet its Worth it now you have the papers in your handsπŸ‘
  10. Nahh I'll stay covered under the roof Besides if we're driving in stuff so muddy that it'll fil up the waffles chances are I'm already covered in it myself anyways Since when have getting dirty become a problem in 4x4 competitions? I must've been living under a rock
  11. Haha not my problem, thats what you have a winch-bitch for right? 😎
  12. So then, got it all finished up: Protrudes a little bit at the back, but I think it'll be alright: And finally I wasn't pleased with my placement of the waffleboards, made the rear look boring.. So they moved onto the roof instead:
  13. Soren Frimodt

    My 90 its a love hate thing - I love it - it hates me :(

    Its just like a proper woman, your Landy.. Testing the true depth of your love
  14. Well thankfully a project is never done Decided to make winch tray in the back only a week before leaving for 3 weeks of offroading Don't even have a winch to put in there, but might snatch the Warrior off of the 88" Who would've known a Series Drop-plate is perfect for the job?

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