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  1. Got the door-bar sorted today. Got an idea yesterday about letting the bar fold into half a tube, so that when its shut its firmly secured, but when its open its easy to lift off. The bar itself just needs a lick of paint now: As you can see it folds forward just enough to have to be pushed to hit the fender arch, so this means I can just make some sort of hook arrangement to hold it open if I feel like it. But seeing as it just lifts off, and weighs nothing, I could just remove it all together
  2. You mean the same way that I've connected the front clip on this thing, just only with one bolt so that it pivots?
  3. I'm continually sorting and modding small things on this to make it a more complete package, much of it is not really worth taking, let alone sharing, pictures of.. However I've just started making a "door-bar" not only for safety but also because I don't really like the look of the angled door-bar when all other lines are horizontal. It will have to be hinged though, as getting in and out would be a right pain otherwise. So here's where I'm at so far: Inserted an old mechanism from a 109 fire-engine into the door-bar which will only be accessible from the inside making the tube smooth on the outside so it doesn't get hung up or torn apart. Next up is devising some kind of HD hinge for the front
  4. I've been running 900's on various Series and they are just the perfect size for a leafer IMO! great gearing for the longer roadtrips and ups the offroad performance quite a bit 1- ton shackles as Fridge mentions and leafs in good condition will just about let you fit them, but a bit of trimming is necessary in both the front and rear wings/fenders
  5. TBH I think that no matter how much anybody would want to argue, the question about reliability is quite simple. Solid fan driven by the belt at all times is, obviously the most reliable (least prone to stop cooling) Viscous fan, second most reliable in the way that it might in some cases break free in the viscous and not spin, even earlier than some electric fans will stop working but it is much easier to do a roadside repair with a piece of string/shoelace/wire/ziptie etc. Electric fan least reliable, seeing as there is many more parts that can go wrong, several connections, wires, relay, thermoswitch, the blower motor itself. many of these things can be fixed in the side of the road as well, but would require more tools, parts and time. And if the motor itself stops working there is nothing to do whatsoever. Am I missing something?
  6. A wee bit of an update, finally managed to kill one of Optima's and seeing as I'm too cheap to spend on a new one I opted for an ordinary battery at 60£ This meant that I know had to stuff it in a box so I don't get acid all over me in an accident, so a battery box was fitted, which is way too big, but that just means I finally have a little storage room And also me and my Brother have been working on expanding his test area to also include a hill:
  7. Depends what your willing to pay? If you subscribe to the full One-Year Unlimited Banter and Bashing deal we will keep going for 12 months..
  8. I think your welcome to do it Fridge
  9. Hehe just like everything else yes But there's no fun in that, we need arguments for this never ending battle
  10. Looking good Steve, be interesting to see how those nice shocks will transform the ride at high speeds
  11. You're quite right, I don't think they do in most cases, however you would imagine it needs to, to provide the same amount of cooling? There's also quite a difference in speed, many electric fans run very fast, I suppose that's why they can get away with smaller fan blades than a mechanical one. I have never been a fan (excuse the pun) of electric ones as I have yet to have a car fitted with it that wouldn't at least at some point overheat. Same problem with viscous units, they fail when its most inconvenient. However on the 80" I was forced to go electric as the amount of belts for my accessories had grown to an extend where there was no safe room for the stock mechanical one. And even though I use all Kenlowe stuff, it has overheated for me twice since, and never once with the mechanical one. Needless to say, I carry the stock fan in the tool box
  12. Though you must remember that the alternator is geared pretty high from the crank pulley. So you would need to now that gearing to calculate the precise HP draw. It is actually very simple, if an electric fan is to shift exactly the same amount of air as a mechanical one, it will take more power from the motor, than the mechanical one, because of the loss in converting energies. However the mechanical of course always takes the same amount of power, whether its needed or not, whereas the electric only consumes power when its needed. So surely that must be where the saving in HP, and fuel economy is. In theory if your engine is run in hot enough conditions to always require max cooling, the electric fan would be too costly on energy compared to the mechanical?
  13. I personally find Engine Masters very entertaining. And of course even more Roadkill from which it has spawned. I like how they go against all the naysayers, and all the misconceptions and prejudice that is everywhere, both on the WWW and IRL. Just take the one where they completely destroy some headers and it did nothing bad to the performance of the engine, that will have put a lot of smart-arses in there place I like how finally someone does those tests that we have all been wondering about ever since we fixed our first moped But súre it isn't any exact science, but you shouldn't expect that from the show, another thing they did wrong was claiming that as the Alternator spins anyways it won't draw any extra HP, which of course it does with the higher load.
  14. A couple of Danish Teams are going as well, in fact a Viking Winch will be present
  15. I'm sorry guys, I didn't know there was all this hate towards Jim and his products, me being a Dane, thought you guys were more patriotic about this fellow countryman of yours who has done great in his business and seemingly is doing a lot of good things for the sport as well.. But what do I know? But frankly Dave W. I don't understand your comment about letting the costumers pay for the R&D? Is that not how everybody does it? It would be like you walking in to the LR Dealer claiming he is to give you a Disco 5 free of charge because you bought a Disco 4 and the 5 is so much better because they learned from all the mistakes on your Disco? I'm sorry to burst your bobble, but that is how products evolve, and there is no such thing as the perfect product, neither is a Red Winch, simply because there is no such thing as perfection. Its something we all strive for, but it doesn't exist, there is, and always will be a compromise. And seeing as Red Winch keep developing new winches and motors, they don't seem to have found the Holy Grail yet either?