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  1. series 3 front brake upgrade

    Was about to say that, bu thought nahh this guy knows it all and is an innovator 😂
  2. What do you use your series 1, 2, or 3 for

    My S3 88" is my joint daily together with my '71 jag. And is obviously used for the harder daily tasks, like towing a trailer etc. The 80" is my pride and joy and only used for my enjoyment 😏
  3. It actually has the same clearance under the diff on these tiny tyres as the 80" does on the 7.50's 😁 There isn't much grip though, perhaps I should enter a trackday with the 80" on these wheels? 😅
  4. Put together some lightweight wheels out of tyres from the Jag and some Wolfrace rims.. 17kg per wheel. With this last bit sorted it was time to load it on the trailer ready for a week of action in the coming week. I've actually stripped it so much down that it weighs less than the 80". But I don't have the winch fitted currently as I had it of anyways, so I can let it stay on there when I tow it back home.. Quick disconnect fuel tank and battery:
  5. Haha no worries Mate just saw more people mention the fiddlebrakes, and then you even mentioning the dual Circuit calipers and thought "hmm haven't I already said that?"
  6. It isnt as simple as that, the better brakes up front the more weight will be transferred to the front, so you would actually need smaller brakes in the rear. I can see a use for this if you always carry a very heavy load on the bed. But not for normal or competition use
  7. Unless the plan is to fit the dual circuit RRC/Disco Calipers to make fiddle brakes I really don't see the point. You would have immense over-braking on the rear and would have to fit a a proportioning valve to weaken the pressure going back there and you'll end up at square 1 but a lot poorer!
  8. Another update, still with crappy front camera photos though.. Got fed up with the plastic tank, couldn't really find a good place for it after I moved the winch over, and its such a hassle to fill. So decided that instead of getting fuel in a Jerry can, then filling it over, why not just swap out the whole can? So a filler extension was heavily modified as I needed both a return, feed and breather all in the cap. I obviously didn't want to do any modifications to the can itself. Got pretty good in the end but it did take some time. Notice I have a cutter pin holding the cap closed so it can't fly open in case of a rollover, and a reusable ziptie to hold the Jerry can cap so it doesn't rattle: The new placement also meant a new place for the Battery was needed. So this was moved to the back where the Winch once was. God I move stuff around a lot
  9. Hehe thats exactly what I did with my 300 Disco as well, put a small bottle jack between the Panhard and engine, lifted it up, removed the mounts and sunk it all the way down, then I could get to the bolts from the enginebay
  10. With the Winch done, and a full week of offroading coming up in only three weeks, its time for a bit of maintenance. Mainly the timing belt needed changing. Its almost a year over and in the Summer I had a mishap where a bolt chewed a bit into the topside of the belt. So replacing it was well overdue Thankfully jobs like these are super easy on these simple VW engines Also I retarded the Ignition 5 degrees as I've turned up the boost just a hair and I'd rather be on the safe side with the ignition seeing as all internals are stock, would hate to blow a hole in a piston because of pre-ignition
  11. Okay, was worth a shot though.. I don't think the first option is really viable with a linear activator, it would struggle at the first part just like your gas struts, and it may well kill it if you tried. Option 2 seems the best from my point of view
  12. That Electric Jack uses a Worm gear setup, the easiest way to get plenty of torque and predictable speed (albeit a bit slow) What about using that principle of the worm gear and fit it at the pivoting point? Perhaps with a shaft through the entine length of the roof so it lifts evenly. I don't know if this is possible on your setup though, just a thought
  13. Air compressor basics

    Good, I wouldn't worry too much, overfilling of oil is an all or nothing scenario, if it pushes the oil over the pistons it dies completely, if it doesn't, nothing happens. So you should be good to go