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  1. SWB lightweight chassis rear bracket query

    Oh that one, yes probably a vertical rib to spread the load from the bumstop
  2. SWB lightweight chassis rear bracket query

    The little tab in between the two ribs you mean? with the hole in it? I'd imagine its for those HD Military bumpstop thingies
  3. Took the day off today so got a lot done. Starting with the fabbing of a front bush-bar/nose-bar/bull-bar or whatever you wish to call it Had realized that the radiator was way to vulnerable at the top as it sticks out a bit further from the front than the tubing, and I also needed a place to put the Winch-Line where it would be easy to reach. And finally it had to be removable for engine swapping: After that I drove out to my welder and told him to give it the usual treatment I then moved on to fitting some arches I had laying around just to stop the some of the mud before it hits my face And finally some poser-pics in the lovely Sunshine:
  4. Haha I think it makes plenty of crankcase pressure! My Brother once pressurized the dizzy on a V8 as well with good results, but as you say the problem is often a lead getting wet and throwing the spark elsewhere, which is what I meant about it working quite well when everything is brand new. Anyways I know full well that the V8 (and Petrols in general) aren't the best for wading, and I'll gladly admit that had a 200tdi not been so heavy I wouldn't mind having one in this particular vehicle. Speaking of the joys of Petrol engines, The weirdest thing happen today. Never before have I had to advance the ignition after a Carb swap, and especially not 8 degrees! Just couldn't get it to stop sputtering and backfiring when revving up, I tried everything, and the more fuel I gave it the better it was, but then it was way too rich to idle.. So decided that somehow something was up with the ignition, must've broken by coincidence whilst I swapped carbs.. Found a bit of moisture in the dizzy, dried it out to no avail. Then thought sod it, I'll try advancing it a bit just to see, and boy did it like that!! So ended up advancing 8 degrees more total and this allowed me to turn the fuel way back down and get a nice crisp throttle response and idle Well I guess you learn something new everyday
  5. I feel like when everything is brand new and assembled with silicon grease it Works very well in water reagardless if its points or optical (in the JWH its an optical afermarket thing in the stock Dizzy) But at some point when you've done a full days worth of wading, damp will come from the crankcase and travel up through the shaft in the Dizzy and end in the cap. Perhaps the Mallory has a proper seal on the shaft? Or is it just because its so 'new' and tight toleranced that it isn't a problem you think? I could of course go EDIS/megajolt and keep my beloved carbs
  6. Stole the elbow from the 80" so I could get everything assembled properly. The choke cable has a weird routing on the SU's where it points straight up into the bonnet. So had to put a piece of rubber line on the outside of the cable where it'll rub against the bonnet: Looks all dirty and factory fitted I haven't decided whether to fit a snorkel just yet.. The problem is that the front mounted dizzy hates water anyways so I'll probably never be able to drown it. But there is of course the issue of spray.. And the inlet does point straight ahead.. Hmm...
  7. 300TDi overhaul

    Glad I'm not the only one struggling sometimes
  8. Got the SU's on yesterday, but it ran Pig-rich. Now this didn't come as a surprise as I have been down this road before with SU's that hadn't run for a while. There's an O-ring on each of the chokes that gets hard, and wears down which allows fuel to just flush by. A 10 min job and a couple of universal O-rings and we are good to go. Sadly though it fouled my plugs up so bad it can only go to about 2/3s throttle before it backfires like a cannon So got the Idle roughly adjusted, that's all I can do for now, I don't only need a new set of plugs but I'm also missing an air filter elbow (which I should get Saturday)
  9. Show me your Camping setups

    Of course it is, just couldn't remember the name
  10. 300TDi overhaul

    its not the lateral movement I'm reffing to. Its the rotational rocking back and forth of the inner pump wheel on the crank because there are essentially only two points of contact and they are not a snug fit. Sorry my limited English vocabulary isn't enough to explain it better
  11. 300TDi overhaul

    I'd still argue its down to it rocking back and forth because it isn't held in place by anything, as I posted previously
  12. Show me your Camping setups

    Is that where there is that small rail road going into the Mountains Jon? I remember being there once, and when we got down again there were no less than 3 of those huge Luxury Liners! Norway is such a beautiful country and we're really Lucky to have it so close by
  13. It doesn't?? Then whats the point? Haha yeah we're obviously all just having a laugh, And I actually do have quite some experience with EFI, though not MS. Way back when I was an apprentice as Motocycle Mechanic a classmate and I was given a GSX-R 750 and a Wolf3D ECU and told to go to town and see how much extra HP/NM we could gain by fitting that instead of the factory ECU. Was GREAT fun and really loved the challenge and the learning. Taught me a lot, also about how an engine Works. We even had to amplify the signal from the Cam Sensor to make it Work so it was quite a challenge as a 19 year old apprentice. So I can really appreciate the Nerdy-ness about it and how that is great fun. And if I was a street/track racer I'm sure I would dive into it. But in an offroad environment where there is plenty else to use electrical power, and to have problems with Water ingress I really appreciate carbs. Now I just hope these SU's are in good nick, they look so good that I'm just going toslap them on there and try it. If they run terribly I'll have to take them apart and rebuild them
  14. Haha you just had to put it out there huh? Well I have another argument against your beloved EFI, weight! I bet you these carbs weigh no more than the ECU and wiring harness alone, they are incredibly lightweight, oh and if my fuelpump fails and I don't have a replacement I can just put a Jeryy can on the roof and let gravity feed my carbs, try running an EFI system on that pressure Come oin, what'cha got??
  15. 300TDi overhaul

    What you are implyinjg is very likely, but IIRC when I took mine apart I thought the same but couldn't find any evidence that this was the design, as you can see on the pics the machined part of the crank is much wider the the gear so there is no way to hold it clamped. I suppose that the idea is that as soon as the oil pressure is achieved the drag will keep it to one side of the flats and then that's good enough. The Wear probably happens at startup where it Rattles from side to side until oil presuure is achived. At least thats my thoughts on the subject As you can see on Sabre's pics these flat parts have been worn down. Even when both parts are new it is a rather loose fit