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300Tdi - Mystery wire near fan

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After driving around 80 miles this weekend of great driving, parked the 90 up at home, had lunch, pottered around and then around 3pm , popped out to top up oil etc and checked levels - after popping up the bonnet I notice the wire that is circled in the attached photo, sticking out through between the fan blades pointing into the engine bay.

I can't quite see where it starts but it appears to originate from near the bonnet release mechanism but its not the release wire.

Obviously I couldn't start the engine with it there as it would have either have demolished the fan blades or got tangled in the mechanism, so I've bent it up against the back of the radiator and poked the end our of one of the slots in the metal frame that forms the front of the engine bay (and thats where the picture is taken!)

I've started it up and all appears ok - no odd rattles or anything looking loose

ANY CLUES WHAT THE WIRE IS? I can only think its pinged off from somewhere near the back of the radiator after I arrived home or I would have heard it when driving "tickling the fan blades". Its probably 30 cm long with a 90 degree return at the end about 1cm long




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Cheers guys - it looks like its painted black

Its currently tucked out of the way of the fan but when I've a bit more time, I 'll have a go at wiggling it out - if I can't get it free, if I reach in as far as I can to cut it, will that be a suitable solution? Or am I best to leave it tucked out of the way till the next time there's a need to have access to the fan?

Will the fan be ok with this missing or not not correctly connected?

Thanks again


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