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Northern Cyprus 4x4 Holiday


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Just Got this by email looks reasonable in terms of price

Dear Reader,

Hi! from Nick & Irene Bointon, previously owners of Llanerchindda Farm, the 4x4 centre near Llandovery. We hosted many off road clubs over the years at the farm, many becoming regulars - but no more! Tired of ever more stringent regulations we have now set up:


an off road business in Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Our main activities are guided trail riding and 4x4 off road driving.

We have a coastal range of mountains (3000ft), some 120 miles long, covered in tracks and trails: it is just fantastic! There are no rights of way, you may go anywhere - can you believe: no wardens, no whinging Welsh farmers, no walkers, no Countryside Council for Wales officials banning everything. You are more likely to be waved down by a farmer and given a bag of oranges! Yes, it really is that tough!

We use up-rated Suzuki Jimnies, mainly because they are very good in the dry and dusty conditions. For the price of a hire car you can go off road and we have the special permissions and insurance required to cover it all.

Now a little about North Cyprus, accommodation and getting here. We are a four hour flight away. You can fly direct to North Cyprus (Ercan Airport - 45min transfer) but flights can be expensive. Most fly into Larnaca (1 ¼ hour transfer) and from September we get the special deals for Oct/Nov/Dec and next year. These specials are usually flights of about £160.00 return and often less. We have a special ticket arrangement with a Dutch chap Hank de Jonge at www.panatlas.com (tel: 003110 241 75 40; fax 003110 241 75 41) who gets us very special deals, do contact him.

We arrange collections from the Airports and hire cars etc. as you wish.

The accommodation is either in our 5 villas or the adjacent and excellent Friends Hotel.

Our villas are 160m2 with three bed rooms and sleep 6, or maximum 8. The spacious villas are well equipped with dishwasher/ washing machine /microwave/ Satellite TV/ DVD/ telephone etc. Outside a large garden and carport with all the chairs, tables, sun loungers, barbeque and all the equipment needed for the out door life and best of all: a heated pool for all year round swimming. Just imagine: floating under the stars with a chilled beer on a wonderful October night.

The villas are as little as £150 per villa per week, not per person!

The villas are 328m from our own beach and we even have some Laser Pico sailing dinghies. For prices and everything see the web site www.cyprusactive.com.

The majority of our bookings are for groups, clubs, families or both where they take two or three villas between them. Living is easy and cheap: the two bars nearest the villas are still selling beer and £1 a pint, also the food and eating out is very inexpensive. The countryside is remarkably green, the beaches are great and there are castles and lots of touristy things to do.

Availability and booking details are also on the website.

As you are on our mailing list you will get 10% of everything, unfortunately not the flight.

Come and see us again!

Nick & Irene Bointon


Email: info@cyprusactive.com

Web site: http://www.cyprusactive.com/

North Cyprus

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