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Excellent customer service - Just had to share this


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Hi all. I thought I should share this as I am still very impressed with what I have experienced.

I posted a query on an exhaust a few days ago, and was pointed in the direction of an exhaust olive. So I looked on ebay (£3.50 ish + postage), few other places too at about £2 +postage. I thought I would try Frogs Island as they are very close to me. £8 ish plus VAT. Too much so I spoke to James French who were £10 ish plus VAT. All a little much for a little bit of tin.

Anyway, I searched online and found a company called Mark's Garage so I gave them a ring as the part on the website was very cheap and I wanted to know if it was the right part. Jude asked a few questions, rang me back and said it was the right part and they could do it for under 80p +VAT. UNDER 80p!

Anyway, I was well pleased with this so I asked about a few other parts, all were very reasonable in price so I placed and order, making sure that nothing I was going to get was Britpart. All the stuff was AllMakes and she also arranged that rather than paying postage I could collect from the AllMakes depot near where I work in Oxfordshire.

Now, you can't ask for anything better than that. I mean, I saved loads on the original olive part and got all the other bits for a good price and I save on postage too. And they were really nice, very helpful and knew what they were talking about.

I am not affiliated with them in any way but just had to share this. Please, if you need some bits then give them a ring. They are based in Wallyford in Scotland. 0131 665 1822

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