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  1. Oh yes, Belgium and it's "auto keuring" I have been a victim of that system, seriously, they failed my Discovery for not having mud flaps for gods sakes Vote out now while you still can, you'll never get another chance!!! Getting back in is easy, they force Norway to have a referendum every 10yrs or so, we could have a second referendum to get back in any time.
  2. C'mon Phil, I remember getting bogged down with the list that never seemed to end, get the exhaust on, plumb the vacuum and fuel and turn the key, once you hear it running the enthusiasm comes back thick and fast
  3. Function over form, I like things to be aesthetically pleasing of course, but then again my preference is ability, I drool over locking diffs, HD half shafts, portal axles etc, but I do more than bump the curb on the school run.
  4. This! Low spec and a healthy enthusiast (or would be) based audience for a vehicle that would cost less than half to produce elsewhere, use an "agent" to import low volumes and watch them get snapped up for big money, think of the first 200Tdi defender comfort and spec to get an idea of what is to come. Unbelievable that lockers etc were over looked, but then it's all about looks nothing to do with going off road.
  5. Ticket her an put up on the sales boards
  6. Good show, hopefully no repercussions in your direction to follow, but more of the ####### thieving ##### need to learn these lessons.
  7. Och macs Oswestry say no more! Two or 5 bad experiences with mail order parts, but when you hit the parts counter and put your car in the workshops they're great. On par with paddock spares for wrong parts and incorrect description.
  8. Depends, if you are seeking to enforce a writ or some such against him personally for losses?He does need to be held accountable, enforcement against his businesses seems fruitless as no one owns anything to take away from them.
  9. EGR is no problem, fit blanking plates and forget, the air flow meter being fitted would mean you have an EDC engine, you could remove it but not worth it unless it's not working. If you do decide to remove it then you need to swap the injection pump too. The EDC system is very simple and doesn't often give problems, no need to fear it because it's electronic lol
  10. Saw this on FB and to say it confused me is mild. https://m.facebook.com/groups/703875639700099?view=permalink&id=1051580051596321 Seller says cat D but clearly has twisted chassis, this surely takes it to cat B? Will try an post pix for those who don't do FB
  11. Strewth, a full 2yrs ahead of a coiled swb and we have this Defender 90 masquerading as a series 3
  12. Nigelw


    Welcome, you can use photobucket or simply add them to your post, if you're using the mobile site, scroll to the bottom and press the full site button, then using the more reply options you can select files to add that way. Hope that helps.
  13. I think the IRD is th same for both auto and manual so should be doable, check rear diff and bushings as these can perish badly!
  14. Well done, glad you had a good event, how much damage has your series sustained?
  15. add a bit more tech and make it pop open and closed, so long as there's sufficient space it'll be exciting lol.Anyone got experience of them fancy automatic electric opening and closing boot lids? How do they work?
  16. Google HGV dismantling/breakers in your away location, wherever you are there will be something to find I used to do that when I was away from home part shopping, always nice to meet different folk from different areas.
  17. This!Or take yours and go visiting a truck breakers yard, at least you can physically see it's proportions in the flesh.
  18. That's lovely, I like it In all honesty, a hideous waste of money to go shopping and walk the dog. I can think of better ways of improving any vehicle spending half that amount, not to mention actually making it even more awesome off road. Not sure why you'd bother to spend and do so much in two years ownership unless it was a keeper?
  19. Thanks for taking the time to give a full rounded up summary, refreshing to see a conclusion to a thread
  20. I'm back in plant again, we had key codes on CAT dozers and Komatsu loading shovels circa 2004. Yes JCB stuff has a generic code, mostly a deterrent to woulde youths but that code can be changed to a unique code as per our Hitachi excavators, I have all the plant numbers and their key codes in my diary now after arriving on site and having to ring the plant manager at 06:15 to ask the code, having an Hitachi key unlocked the door and inspection panels but that's it! Currently waiting for my Disklok steering lock for the disco, also looking forward to getting in the workshop to make a clutch lock. Hi-viz yellow paint that screams F##K OFF and try someone else' motor mate.
  21. Tip from an old hand, forget what spec it was and concentrate on building into "your" spec Several owners add and remove things, most strip the goodies off because they cost money to repair when they went wrong, so cost effective option that didn't affect the running of the car, rip it out.
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