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Strange heater issue


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Hi all, new here so please be gentle!

I have a Wolf 90, no issues with the heater till today when a baffling thing happened. I was driving home with the heater on full speed and got stopped in traffic. I turned the fan off with the speed lever after a bit as the engine had started to cool (first time I have turned it down, normally it is on 2) and then when I went to turn it back on nothing happened. I got home and took the wing vent off, fan spins freely so that is OK. When I set the speed to 1 or 2 with the switch and then spin the fan by hand the motor carries on OK but if I turn it off by the switch or by turning the ignition off it will not restart on it's own. If I spin it by hand it will restart as before. I am pretty confused by this, any ideas what it could be?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi marcd, welcome to the forum.

Not experinced or heard of this before, but to get a motor started it will draw a higher current on initial start-up. Sometime with the not so great landrover/lucas connectors they oxidise and the electrical connection breaks down.

What I would do is check out firstly the connectors to the fan motor, make sure they are clean and fine - might be worth putting a volt meter on the plug to see if you're getting full volts at the motor.

Its possible to have an electrical connection that stops working when there is more current demand i.e. when you start up the motor.

Try the connections, and the supply voltage, see how you get on. if its ok then you may have to take off the resistance slider at the control side and have a look at that.

I hope thats not all gobbldigook for you....


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