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Throttle Position Sensor 3.9efi refitting


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Hi All,

May I say first what an excellent forum this is.

I am just finishing off the installation of my megasquirt system and have arrived at the tps. It is the original one (the engine is from a 1994 RRC) and does work, I have tested it with a multimeter.

When I installed in onto the engine, connected it to the multimeter and exercised the throttle there was no reading.

I then unbolted it and twisted it slightly and hey presto, a reading on the multimeter but the bolt holes were way out.

I have looked at a replacement sensor and it has slots as opposed to just holes for the securing bolts.

Should I fit the sensor as is, should I open out the bolt holes to allow the sensor to be fitted with it "just open" as per the Haynes manual or should I buy a new one with the adjustable slots?



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