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soft top light bar


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basically i have a defender with a canvas roof and i have a light bar i had fitted to my old roof i want the light bar on but unsure how to mount it

does anybody have any pics of this being done or have they done it themselves and how did you do it if so! pictures would be best if possible or any info on where i can buy a new one

i can weld and adapt the roof bar i currently have but have no ideas how to mount i have seen this done before though

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I looked into doing this a while ago, but never actually got round to it because the 90 spends a fair bit of time with no windscreen/hoodsticks and it would be another thing to remove each time.

I was planning to drill through the outer side of the gutter (on the vertical face) and a similar place on the side of the light bar then bolt the two together.

That is dependent on the side faces of the light bar being the same width apart as the gutter sides however.

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