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  1. Tom17

    Bulk head removal kit

    Spot on cheers for the help!
  2. Tom17

    Bulk head removal kit

    Thanks for the reply! So the two bolts that hold the bar in place that go in from the top into the bars cross section... do they require holes drilling or do they go into existing rivet holes?
  3. Tom17

    Bulk head removal kit

    I'm trying to install mine today and it's very very tight between the top of the bulkhead and the return edge it sits on. Anybody done this before have any advice or something I may have missed? Cheers Tom
  4. Tom17

    Puma bonnet pull cable

    Hi My puma 90 is missing it's bonnet release full assembly. I've ordered the release handle and it comes as an assembly with a short piece of cable looks to go just through the bulkhead. I can't seem to find the second piece that goes around under the hood to the actual release mechanism on the nose. Any help would be great just to avoid ordering the wrong 20 quid cable Cheers Tom
  5. Hi all I'm going to attempt to retrim the back of my 90 with rubber check plate. I plan to dynamat it and foam it before installing the rubber. Can anybody recommend anything to stick down the rubber? I've attached a photo of what I'm hoping to achieve.
  6. Tom17

    Electrical problem

    yes all indicators working ok but hazards not working. not sure how i would go about testing this. I've swapped the hazard switch to a known good one from another landrover. is there two different incoming 12v supplies to the hazard switch? does anybody have a drawing for me to test at the hazard switch??
  7. Tom17

    Electrical problem

    they are a little corroded but i will scratch them up a bit. managed to get indicators on and was a both hazard switch and flasher relay faulty. now the indicators work but the hazards don't
  8. Tom17

    Electrical problem

    So I've checked volts at the fuse before and after and continuity checked fuse. I think I'm correct in checking the green and red wires and looks like green and blue maybe. Where is a good place to check after this
  9. Tom17

    Electrical problem

    It's an 84 with 200tdi conversion. I've fuse checked it all and sorted wipers out but still lost with the indicators and gauges and heater. I've swapped out the flasher relay for a known good one and nothing
  10. Tom17

    Electrical problem

    oh as well as the fuel indicator and temperature gauge. these faults alone i would just point to point check them and try and work it out but theres something about the whole lot of them not working together thats making me think its something causing them all... the gauges have been back on and back off intermittently while this has been happening
  11. Tom17

    Electrical problem

    My indicators aren't working as well as my wipers and my main beam lights. Any clues as to why all may have stopped??
  12. Had a search but couldn't find any info so sorry if this is repeated. My dad has bought an 57 puma defender. His mate has a 2014 one and has upgraded his sterio so has given mg dad the original alpine unit for his. I can't for the life of me find an adaptor to go from the 57 puma to the back of the alpine unit. Any help would be great Pics show back of original 57 unit and back of new unit and also the adaptor we have been given that doesn't work Thanks Tom
  13. Tom17

    heater blower help

    hi cheers for reply. where is the resistor located? is it the one with three wires coming from. i have tested 12v up to the blower so i am guessing its the motor itself just want to be sure I'm not being stupid and missing something
  14. Tom17

    heater blower help

    since I've had the car it only works on one speed. its either on or off and the switch has to be all the way to the bottom to be on? so you guys would suggest checking the switch goes to earth correctly? cheers for the help
  15. Tom17

    heater blower help

    hi I've had intermitent fault with fan on 90. it works sometimes then can turn it off and on 10 mins later then nothing i had a little dig around in the wiring today and found the two wires that seem to be going into the fan blower itself. would i be correct in thinking i can just put 12v + and - to these two wires and it should work? i proved that i had 12v up to this point anyway by cutting out a connector and replacing with terminal block and no life from the blower. does this look like a faulty blower unit? any hep would be great cheers tom

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