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  1. So I'm having issues now where the vehicle has cut out on me while very low revs. I think it could he related to the light. It starts up again no problem and goes fine. The vehicle has also had a remap on it I think before I purchased it but if i go on the motorway in 6th gear for maybe 5 or 10 mins the map disappears and it goes to standard or maybe worse performance but not what I'd describe as limp mode Very strange fault but I would assume it's got to be a sensor or something to do with the remap?
  2. Had the new pads and it's not fixed it scratching my head here
  3. The mot guy did tell me my pads were low and I've got a set coming asap. Do you know that low pads can trigger the light or is it a guess? Fingers crossed that's what it is
  4. Cheers for the reply I did think that as my other car shows that icon with the handbrake but I cant seem to get the handbrake to effect that at all in any situation so I don't think that icon is hand brake related on the puma but not 100%
  5. Hi My puma is flashing the exclamation mark in a red circle warning like on and off intermittently. I googled what it means and it was apparently low brake fluid. I checked and it was ok but I added some just incase but the light is still flicking on and off rapidly and intermittently Any ideas? Cheers Tom
  6. Putting heavy duty springs in my tdi was one of the worst things I ever did. Makes the ride too harsh from now on I'll always go standard if I ever come to have to change them
  7. Hi all I'm installing electric windows into my puma... all the hard work is done. Im at the point now where all my wiring is at the fuse board. I have one of those piggy back fuses to go in to give me my ignition live. I was going to just bolt the negative to earth but not sure if this is the best. Any advice on if this is how to do it or if you'd run a negative from the battery up to connect Cheers Tom
  8. It would need to be a puma 90 hardtop chassis plate if anybody could help who has one
  9. Cheers for the help so far I've managed to find some perfect ones in eBay for a fraction of the price only problem is I don't know the weight values etc that go in them. Would anybody be willing to send a pic of their plate (with your chassis number covered of course) just to show how it is laid out. I'm also struggling with the colour code. My car was originally a lovely light blue but the theifs rollered it red. I've now had it painted corris grey would I be better putting the old paint code or the new paint code Cheers for any help in advance
  10. I've also realised that the window plate is missing too and can't find any of them on eBay or anything. anybody ever sourced one of those outside of lr main dealers as that is criminal for a metal plate 200 quid
  11. my god i called a main dealer and been quoted £200 for it. surely thats not correct
  12. My car is a stolen recovery and the thiefs removed it
  13. Hi all I'm after a chassis vin or frame plate for my puma. The one under the bonnet. Does anybody know where I can get one. I can only fine older style ones on eBay nothing that looks like a puma one although I wouldn't know as nothing to compare to. Cheers for help in advance Tom
  14. Those videos helped alot! Got there in the end one of the worst jobs I've done to this day I think! Cheers for the replys!
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