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LT77 rebuilding?


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I just acquired a S/H LT77 gearbox, condition is unknown but was told it was a "good un", heard that so many times before, but it was free :D

So is it possible to rebuild it at home on the bench or not? Special tooling or anything in particular needed?

I heard loads of stories about baulk rings and bearings, thought it might be worth a try, or should I just send it to Ashcrofts and be done with it?

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Thanks for that reb, and well looks a little bit more to it than perhaps I need to be taking on any time soon but at least the gear box has been in the bath and is now de-greased and clean :D

Maybe at a later date when I have almost nothing left to do but looking at the tooling that guy needed to do it is way beyond my bush mans workshop :(

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