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  1. Its been done to death on here Andy. There are rules and regs that are relevant. Many ignore them, most are disappointed with the cheap chinese rubbish (in fact, i have never heard of anyone pleased with the chinese carp). Just have a search for them.
  2. No E marking or anything on them by the look of it so not road legal. No indication either if they are for RHD or LHD vehicles, but I suspect the Kong Hong seller doesn't care too much...
  3. At first glance it looks ok ^^^ but somethings aren't right. Its not a defender its a 90. Its not a turbo diesel as advertised - I cant see a turbo anywhere, it looks like a 2.5 NA. The paint job is tatty - it used to be red and its a lot crustier than it looks having had a brush over with green paint. Look at the bulkhead 'repairs' - the corners look like they have been held on with rivets and silicone sealant! Worst of all, who knows what the vin really is, the last three (i think) digits have been neatly cut off of the vin plate on the brake servo! Proceed with caution I think!!!
  4. Theres a chap calld Fizzy on the Migwelding forum. He runs a pallet delivery business. Dont know if you are a member on there Phil? Always nice to put trade via the faces on the forums. I dont know his business name as he doesnt inappropriately advertise it! I frequently travel Cornwall to London if thats any help for a pickup en route. (Having said that, having one fully working land rover to do it in seems hard work at the moment!)
  5. They have an oil cooler, but its the same as the Tdi type - chamber in the side of the rad. Whether you could make it more efficient by using a different design would be worth looking at though. Wasnt there a thread in the international forum recently talking about the drops in temp with a source?
  6. If you can get them out, drilling larger and tapping for a slightly bigger bolt is probably easiest? Try levering behind the head as you turn them - if you are lucky the thread will catch and they will wind out. They must have used some force to strip them!
  7. Got to ask... why start with the shortest defender and go to make it into the longest?!
  8. How do you steer Litch?? I like the Raptor binnacle. I will get there eventually.
  9. I dont disagree, the OP doesnt seem sure what this engine is made up of so I was just mentioning that the manifolds are not 200tdi.
  10. Its got 19j manifolds on it not 200tdi. It may be the 19j turbo too - the number on the turbo will tell. The outlet looks clocked on the turbo. Not sure why.
  11. Haha. I am still driving around with the cracked binnacle. Thats ten years after starting this thread. Theres no point replacing it as i have to whack it whenever the speedo stops working which just breaks it more! (And Mo gave me a good housing as promised above... its in a cupboard. I must fit that!)
  12. Its the less well off living in these areas where they slap a fairly sudden ban on certain vehicles that I feel most sorry for. Years of the Bliar government pushing diesels. Thats now all a lot of people can afford third or fourth hand and then that prat sadiq khan 'my dad was one of you common people - a bus driver dont you know - so that means i can speak for you commoner' slaps a great big ban on these vehicles within the north and south circular (when he gets his way). Suddenly normal people have to either change vehicle or pay yet another fee to live - many simply can't afford either but
  13. It was heading that way Mo. It might suit the HP crowd... I think the days of actually owning a car are nearly over... I am very much the odd one out these days.
  14. I dont have pics unfortunately, but its just the 2.4TDCi. Largely standard pickup apart from the Ifor canopy. Fairly good condition, no knocks or bumps. Chassis is good.
  15. My neighbour has an 07 plate 90 pickup with 88k on the clock. Its in fairly tidy condition and has an ifor canopy over the pickup bed. What sort of money would this be worth if he was to look at selling? I am always way out with this sort of thing so thought I would ask the experts on here for a ballpark estimate. I see dented rubbish with a rotten chassis and people are asking 9k for that - thats not to say thats what they get though so I have no idea what a fairly straight 90 with the TDCi is worth.
  16. Was a faulty caliper identified? I only ask in case the problem rears its head again due to a faulty caliper. On my D3, we had a bad judder through the steering wheel at about 50-70 mph. Touching all of the wheels revealed that the back left was very hot. The caliper was sticking. I freed it off but it just continued to stick again so had to replace it. It completely fried the pads, but the disc seems to have survived.
  17. Thanks Chaps. So some silly questions. Whats the difference between these types of fittings - https://automec.co.uk/collections/fittings/products/brass-brake-pipe-fittings-metric?variant=12986154942487 and this https://automec.co.uk/collections/fittings/products/brass-brake-pipe-fittings-metric?variant=12986154876951 - obviously I can see the thread difference but when would you use one compared to the other? And is this https://www.advancedfactors.co.uk/31187--brake-pipe-nut-m10-x-1mm-short-female-pack-of-50-1240498-p.asp the same as this https://automec.co.uk/collections/fitti
  18. Can you folks help me create a list of the various bits I need to put together a box of bits for making brake lines for my 1989 110? Copper brake pipe and male and female unions I guess? But I dont know what sizes/threads/bore I need for the various bits and am unsure of where to look. TIA
  19. Same as the others. The BFG ATs are excellent tyres.
  20. Diesel, with a fair amount of veg oil (new) run through it.
  21. I was thinking of texting you. Bloody thing! Will drop you a line.
  22. Thanks Ralph - I wonder what I am thinking of then. Probably confusing myself.
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