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  1. So are you putting money down on something where the final cost is unknown?
  2. Why does this happen when the 110 is off the road long term?!! I have hundreds of litres of SVO. I cant use that in the D2 or D3 though!
  3. Will it be over next week when all the idiots have full tanks and dont need fuel? I have enough diesel to do the first 300 miles of my work run next week bit may not get back!
  4. They never looked right to me Ralph. The end of the coil sits ajar in the hole in the pad the pin runs through. Just thought it looked naff and like it would do less than the original setup.
  5. I need to do 600 miles next week. AmI going to get stick somewhere because someone else has bought all the fuel they dont need?!
  6. Yup. I tried those springs. They never looked like they sat right so I just went back to the original setup.
  7. What about a bunch of these? https://www.toolstation.com/snap-hook/p75384?store=AX&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&mkwid=s_dm&pcrid=515847200351&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxYW8oumU8wIV4WDmCh3QIgD_EAQYAiABEgIPEvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds if its just to stop it opening. i agree with above though - noone wants your old sheets. My roof tent is a canvass one so not really lockable and we dont worry, just dont leave anything precious in there.
  8. Thanks Matt - that does make me feel better! Hopefully mine are the same!
  9. This is what I would do too Ralph. The ecu needs the temp signal in the td5. I think the feed to the gauge comes after the ecu but the gauge wont be calibrated to another sender as i think its the ecu that tells the needle what to do. Easiest to fit another sender and gauge (one that reads in degrees) complete. The stock gauge only moves when its too late anyway the way its currently controlled.
  10. Thats depressing - I have two rear doors I bought from them 4, maybe 6 years ago that I haven't fitted yet (was waiting till the full rebuild which I kept delaying!)
  11. Thats reassuring as it suggests the carb and fuel pump components will cope. I guess this is short term at the moment as e10 hasnt been around for long yet?
  12. Excellent. I will get an order in. Being a two part paint system - is this the same as 2k stuff containing isocyanates and so shouldn't be sprayed by a home user without proper respirator type equipment anyway? (as you can tell, I am quite ignorant when it comes to paint systems!!)
  13. This shows you both options https://goreproducts.com/products/td5-coolant-housing (looks like a nicely made product but expensive!)
  14. Theres an insert with sender you can put into the top hose. Have a search, they are available to buy I think. Or, some folks drill and tap the top hose connection and add a sensor there.
  15. Just for dim wits like me - how do airless and air fed (?) spray guns differ (I am aware one wont use air!)?
  16. I agree mostly. Its the carbs and fuel pumps as well as the lines that I am worried about. Getting rebuild kits for some of the older rarer stuff is hard enough, but now they need to be ethanol friendly. Its all doable but its a bloody pain. I still need to do the valve seats on my old Vauxhall so will need to do all of this at the same time too.
  17. The buzzweld stuff doesnt get good reviews - has anyone used it and is pleased with it?
  18. I leave the D2 running when loading for this reason... or at least start it up before I have finished loading to judge the nose weight...
  19. This is the biggest thing for me here - My other half did her test a few years ago. It doesn't sit right to just scrap all that and make it free again but it is what it is. I have a pre '97 licence so was glad when she did her test as I didn't have to drag the horse trailer around anymore for her (plus being a farmers daughter she could reverse more fluidly than me anyway!). I don't think the test ever had anything on trailer loading - I always thought that was possibly more important than a lot of the other bits covered in the test/training!
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