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Hi All,

I'm new to Landy's and 4x4's in general, I just bought an '87 110 station wagon v8 that has been converted to a 200tdi. Its fully taxed and tested and seems to drive ok to me (within new-found landy tolerances!).

It has a few issues as i'm sure most this age/price bracket do. Can anyone recommend me a specialist in the east midlands (Loughborough) area that could tackle work from initial inspection through to bulkhead repair?

A chap I know called Jeremy (who recommended I join this site) said I should chat to Colin Stokes but I've not been able to get through to Colin over the last week so thought i'd ask if there were any other people I could speak to?

Thanks for any help,


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Thanks for all the welcomes and responses - I am already feeling the disposable income disappearing! Not that there was much to dispose of recently!

This site seems great I've already troubleshot and fixed some lighting and electrical issues using searches without having to even ask.

Hope I've not bought a wreck!

I've asked my mate in north Wales where I'm from to take a look so hopefully it will be on the road to hole-free bulkhead in the coming weeks!

My other concerns are that the engine is very flat and needs servicing and tuning (already repaired the split hose from the actuator) and my transfer box lever moves back and forth but doesn't select 'lo'. Although i should point out i knew this and ignored it as its high on my list to replace the transfer box with a discovery unit with diff lock. My 200tdi should pull it along ok like a discovery, shouldn't it?

Is there much of a meeting scene in the midlands? I remember seeing a bunch of landrovers meeting at a pub in Hathern but not seen them for a while.

Anyway, back to the research and eBay watch lists...



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