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Hydraulic lifter failure??


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Hi I have recently done the HG on a 140k 99plate kseries. I replaced the head as the old one was cracked. Rebuilt and run all good.

Today I got a phonecall from the owner saying it sounds like a diesel.

I went over and had a listen and it sounds as though the lifters are getting no oil to them.( I will get a vid up shortly)

I took the cover off and there is plenty of oil.

I checked the timing and all is good.

Also another report is that the car is totally gutless and won't pull away above 40mph on anything but a downwards hill is a no no.

This has all developed after 2 weeks of normal use.




(Apologise for any grammar/spelling I'm on my mobile)

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no oil pressure test dont have the kit to do it, there is loads and loads of oil at the top mainly on the EX side which puzzled me as the noise sounds slightly inclined to the inlet side but you cant really tell and the engine is slanted slightly.

Not even considered the cat, how would this cause a noise like this? not ruling it out just intrigued.

thanks for your reply

cheers johny

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If the cat is blocked or came loose and causing a restriction of the hot gas the exhaust valves start to overheat and start seizing in the guides causing very similar symptoms as you are experiencing.

Have you done a compression test?

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Watching that video its telling me that its lost oil feed to the inlet side. With no rocker cover on there should be oil being flicked everywhere. The oil ways are between the head and cam carrier, if they were separated then what type and how much sealant was used between them? Could the oil way be blocked?

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I am thinking this way because you said the engine was good, no noise, and no power concerns, do not ever forget it is just suggestions, I cant see or touch the vehicle so what most/all on here are doing is sharing their experience with similar symptoms.

Check the timing for sure, I don't know how much experience you have with the K-series engine, valve timing is done with the crank halfway that means all the pistons are at equal hight in the bores.

I would also not rule the lifters out for failing but in my book it is the last thing I would do just because it would be a rare failure, but not impossible.

I for one would like to know what does fix the concern.

Good luck.

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Scottr your suggestions make a lot of sense to and I'm going to whip the webbing off for sure,

I used just the normal RTV silicone we use on stuff at work oil resistant. I wouldn't say I went overboard but I'm definetly going to check that.

The only reason I have this job is because it was my father in laws car for the past 13

Years and he sold it to a friend and said 'any problems fetch it back' so the guy has done!

In that time I did the head at 50k 78k belt and adjuster(adj failed) 120k so I'm not too unfamiliar with it.

Thanks for your Replys going to get on it ASAP

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