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tracking tested - .5 degree out, ok or not?


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Took the disco to a garage round here who I like to use for tyre swapping and the like. Thought I'd see what the tracking was like before it wrecked my new tyres needlessly!

Not sure the chap who checked it was fully clued up...

The stilson score marks were on the track rod section with the steering damper attached so its little wonder he thought it may take 'a couple of hours and a fair bit of heat to free it up'. I'm sure that's what the short bit on the drivers side is for. For the adjusting of the tracking, no?

Anyway, he says I should go and rebook it for an earlier slot, but it's half a degree out so it should provably not be ignored. My mate (toyota man to be fair) recons .5 degree is 'within tolerance'. My own research says it should be 0-2mm toe out anyway.

So what is .5 degree expressed as mm and can I leave it alone as it is? Don't think i'll be giving them 90 quid to try and rotate my steering damper either way!

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0.5 degrees over a 16" rim is 3.5mm.

If it's 'out' by 0.5 degrees, then you might have 5.5mm of toe-out, or 3.5mm of toe-in. Depends exactly what the tester meant.

Assuming it drives OK, I wouldn't worry too much, wait for a sunny weekend.

Search the forum for HfHs string method and do it yourself in a half hour.

Aim for 2mm toe out in my view, 0 is generally a bad place to end up.

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