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  1. Do you have a source for that? ISTR that the plots in the Ricardo book suggested the EGT dropped by the boost ratio (so ~10C), but I'm not sure where I've put the book to check it. That made sense to me, but happy to be wrong if it means lower egt!
  2. When I was writing my last post, I deleted a whole paragraph on 'coulomb counters' as that's a whole new world of pain, even though the idea is attractive. The problem I see is that accumulated errors quickly make a mockery of the measurements, because of the range of measured values. Very back of the envelope guesswork... 10 seconds of cranking at 500A is about 1.4Ah. Over 24 hours, that's about 60mA. So to have a hope of 5% accuracy, even over 1 day of use, needs a measurement accuracy of about +/-3mA, which wouldn't be easy for a sensor that doesn't saturate below 500A. There's l
  3. That Optima was measuring something like 16Ah before I even noticed a problem. I think that was what led to me writing that battery testbench code in the first place. Copying some published charging regimes for intelligent battery chargers, the testbench recovered the battery back to something like 35Ah. Still dismal for a 50Ah battery, but twice the initial state. I don't recall what the charging current was. I have seen AGM batteries that struggled to accept any charge - I recall having to put about 30V on one Optima to get it to accept 33A (the current limit of the power supply I was u
  4. So rarely in fact, that you may have forgotten it's been living in my shed for at least a year
  5. I'm not in the slightest worried by the electronics (though I've never looked into what's actually being done presently) - it's mostly the legal, financial and commercial concerns that made me wonder how much monitoring and/or authentication was done, now and in the future. If I owned a carpark full of expensive electric hosepipes, I'd be a little concerned about knowing what they were being plugged into (especially old land rovers held together by gaffer tape and wishful thinking!). If I ran a government, I'd be looking at public chargers as a likely place to recover the lost fuel d
  6. I'm curious to know - If I took one or two scrap Nissan Leafs and electrified my Ibex, would Instavolt (or anyone else) allow me to connect to their chargers? Between the complications of smart chargers, competing networks, and the pretty small diy market, it seems a question worth asking. I have no idea of the situation now, or how it will pan out in the future, but while a simple ev conversion Land Rover might be useful, even with lowish maxium speed and low range, it would be drastically much less useful if it could only be charged at home. e.g. drop the internals of a Leaf into m
  7. A little more thought would lead to the conclusion it should be fused at both ends?
  8. I've not bought from them yet, but I bookmarked these guys a while ago as they sell Inconel sheathed k-type sensors at very reasonable prices. Note the compression clamp mounts are sold seperately.
  9. Clamp meters are handy for tracking current drains of course, because you can avoid disturbing the circuit to make a quick check. Cheap ones can be useful because you don't need accuracy or stability, which both cost. It doesn't matter if the drain is 20mA or 30mA, as long as you can tell if it goes up or down by 5mA, or if it drifts a few mA over a day. It's more money than you want to spend, but the DiLog DL6506 is an excellent clamp meter for hunting low current drains. It's got a useable 1mA resolution, and it's pretty stable in the short term (though you have to zero it every time yo
  10. I don't think they changed the design, more likely a batch of casings not made to drawing? The 'fix' bracket mounts on the hockey stick bolts, and looks like it tries to stop the swivel housing from snapping off Good luck getting the lower swivel housing bolts out in 10 years time!
  11. Completely off-the-wall thought, but there was a recall on 2011-12 Defender for a weakness in the front axle casing. The wording of the recall didn't seem very reassuring, nor did a photo I saw of the added brackets. Worth checking if this one is in the affected range? Other than that I'd be looking at all the things already covered. If in doubt, tighten the swivels, and while the wheels are off swap them front to back (and stick the spacers on ebay).
  12. I knew I should have added a smiley for the hard of thinking
  13. I'm certain it would fit out of the box, but finding one is likely to be difficult. I think it would only have been sold in South America, and probably not very common even there. I don't know what vehicle it was fitted into, probably not a Sprinter though?
  14. That intake manifold was redesigned to suit the Ford installation, where the turbo outlet to the intercooler would clash with the LR intake position. TGV had some head rework though, larger intake and exhaust valves, and I think bigger ports. You can see in Daans photo the outer head bolts are smaller diameter than the 300tdi ones (they are M8 instead of M12). So the manifold would have got some rework in any case. International produced several different intake manifold designs for the HS2.5 (300tdi) at the same time, according to the parts catalogue. The one of the l
  15. I just noticed you have the usual NAS lights in the front bumper. Recurring problem with mine on 33" was that if you get crossed up off-road with a lot of steering angle, the tyre can rip apart the back of the old style incandescent bulb lights. On 33" it depended on the wheel offset, but on 35" it would be a constant problem, at least on my vehicle. The easy fix was to swap to LED lights - there's plenty to choose from, most of them truly ghastly in my opinion The flat faced ones that Miketomcat used are nice, I used the L E Perei ones which look close to standard until switched on. LE
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