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Disco 300tdi 1994 still smoking mmm.


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Good morning Discovery fans , I have fitted my new fuel pump ,heating coils ,fuel filter ,oil filter , I have even `phisically `syphoned of thefuel tank ( yes ,hose pipe ,25 litre can ,and BIG sucks ), There was a lot of `muck` in there.

I again started to have poor starting ,so I went around ALL the nuts and DID find some that needed a tweak .

T he initial starting is better ,but I think there COULD be something I am missing as the starting is not `immediate `( any suggestions anyone ).

The other day on starting, the engine started ( eventually ) on 3 then quickly went to 4 cyl . On acceleretion there is no obvious power lose ,( compaired to previously with the defective fuel pump everything is better ).

I have read the Haynes manual backwords and I can`t SEE anything obvious ???.

Coachman .

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Is it really missing on one cylinder? That doesn't sound good to me. If there is fuel and compression then the cylinder will fire, so it must be missing one of those two things. If it's not fuel then it must be compression which could be timing, valves, pistons or head gasket. You could crack off whichever cylinder injector pipe you think is not firing and see what happens?

Once it is up and running, what is is like? If you remove the oil filler cap when it's running is there any pressure or smoke coming out? What about if you remove the dipstick?

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