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Helping a friend.


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Had a PM from a girl called Julia on another forum and have cut and pasted her original post, I don't know the answer but wondered if you guys did?

My dad has asked me to post this as we cannot find anything on the web.

My féfe has started to use a lot of oil and we have replace the valve stem seals and eventually took the head off, the bores are very worn and dad took the bottom cover off the engine and the big ends are worn he said, but we have a friend who has a recently rebuilt 200Tdi engine in his garage but he had to take the cover thing off the front of the engine, he said the injector pump is still there but just not the chest thing it all goes inside, he said we can have it for free as he doesn't want to see it go to waste.

So can we take the front chest thing off my 300 and put it on the 200 engine and will it work after?

Or do I just borrow a little bit of money from my savings and get a new engine?

Any ideas?

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