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The 3 Amigos!!


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I have a 04 V6 Auto freelander that Ive only covered 40 k since new.

I had the 3 amigos during the summer- that was an easy fix as it was the brake switch- obvious as the switch was arced up and dirty- plus, you can hear the relay operate when its functioning ok as theres a definite clunk down the transmission tunnel when its working..

This one is a bit odd- When I pull away first off, there's a judder from the rear like the ABS is tying to operate- then the noise goes. and it doesn't occur when Im diriving or in traffic, stop/start. But if I turn off the ignition and re-start- there it goes again.

And the 3 lights never extinguish.

Im guessing a faulty wheel sensor? but any idea how Id diagnose as I don't want to buy 4 just for the sake of getting it right?



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Right Gents= Progress. I got home from work and my new Autel 702 arrived in todays post- plugged it in and scanned codes. ''Rear wheel sensor no or low output- LHS.''

Its too wet to start sodding around tonight but I reset the coses and drove the car about 20 yds and 'felt' the ABS kick in momentarily. So before I go buying the wrong sensor- Ill have a look at the weekend. It also might be a missing reluctor- again, too wet to much around tonight!

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I brought a 2nd hand one off ebay for £15 and its done the trick- came out ok and as mines an 04- its the type that's just got the 8mm screwhead- which I soaked in WD40 for a bit, to save snapping the bloody head off. It took a run to calibrate the 'new' one- then all was fine- after clearing the code, off course. Apart from £250 to buy the scanner- as my old one wouldn't scan anything except engine- it was a cheap repair considering what LR would have charged.

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