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Hawk eye help needed please


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As above :0)

Many months back I purchased a brand new Hawkeye for " just in case "

Anyhow on the A303 I had a "just in case " moment and broke down !

That's ok thinks me I have a diagnostic box of trickery in the back,

Plugged it in --- it all lit up ------ and that's about it :0(

It made no reference to what vehicle it was for ( TD5 90 )

And certainly didn't ready codes or live info

I read online it comes with a free code for one vehicle , to my knowledge I have never been given one of these ? I rang the agent / shop and they weren't any use as "they don't use um "

So ----- any tips chaps please ??

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Is this the same ss on thr Bearmach site, if so it ays that it needs an unlock code for each vehicle type.

When purchased from them you get one (appropriate) code free.

All sites I have seen say the same.

I would go back to the vendor as they owe you a license if it was sold as new then you should choose the license unless stated as another already fitted!

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In the paperwork that comes with a new hawkeye is an email address for the company that manufactures the hawkeye, on receiving the unit you email them with the code/ hawkeye number and which vehicle you'd like unlocked and they send you back the unlock code with instructions. Hope this helps. Steve

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Good evening , and thanks for the replies,

It appears after reading the instructions I need to email the company with the vehicle details and the I.d No of the Hawkeye , they then e mail me a code to input then Bobs ya aunty :0)

Hey - Ho we live n learn aye ,

Thanks again

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