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Any advice on mods to the front axle?


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Hi guys, it's getting time to rebuild my front axle. When I did the rear I found a good thread on here about getting shut of the rear brake pipes and replacing with flexi etc. just wondering if any of you guys have any tips or tricks I can do to the front while its off? I'll be adding a GL diff pan too. Cheers mike

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You can run the brake flexi direct to the caliper, which does away with that short piece of solid brake pipe from the upper swivel pin bracket. This also allows you to remove said swivel pin without disturbing the brakes and remove caliper without bleeding.

Failing that, just make the brake pipe bracket a slot rather than a hole. That way when you want to take the caliper off, to do a hub seal for instance, you can just release the clamping nut and tie the whole assembly out of the way - and avoid having to bleed the brakes every time.

I guess you could run flexi hoses up the radius arms if you were worried about then becoming caught on stuff off road, this would then also remove them as a limiting factor in articulation.

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