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2.5 td

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evening everyone

i have an old 2.5td in my 90 and am just wondering what sort of performance i should be expecting. (not alot i no) but will it do 70mph? at the moment it have got a fueling problem and struggles at 50mph and then dies of which i need to sort out. thanks for the help. think its the fuel lift pump cos its a real bitch to start in the morning and perhaps the injection pump.


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The 2.5TD engine in a 90 should be good for 78mph. This is the most I ever got out of one anyway. This engine suffers from heat stress, so keep air flow/engine cooling in good condition. Heat stress normally manifests itself with cracked pistons, which will blow engine oil right back to the air filter.

Replacing the pistons will set you back the wrong side of £200, but will extend it's life by quite a few thousand miles before the same problem happens yet again. I've fitted an intercooler to mine to reduce the combustion temperature. In your situation I would recommend replacing the engine with a 200 TDi unit - from a defender (expensive), which will slot right in, or a 200TDi Disco engine, which requires more work, but is cheaper in the long run to fit. Some people will slate the TD engine, but in my opinion, they need to be understood and managed according to their limitations.

Les. :)

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Mine will def do 70 plus, generally on the motorway I sit it at 60mph or else fuel consumption is ridiculous. But it will pull up to 70 quite happily, if noisily. It's had new pistons and rings so now no longer blows oil into the air filter.

I have in fact had 82mph out of it, downhill on a section of the M40 south of Oxford with the wind behind us. It was terrifying...

No problems starting other than a b*ggered starter motor.


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