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Roll bars for new softtop

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Guest diesel_jim

When i had a soft top on my 90, i used a standard NATO bar at the front (with the seatbelt mounts on), and used a second bar, turned around 180 degrees, and,after cutting the seatbelt mounts off, mounted that at the "back" (nearsest the tailgate) and used some SV rollbar bits i picked up at soddenbury to join the two together. worked a treat and looks much better than the "drinking straw" quality galv'd tubing.

If you cut the tubing off below the flat mounting plate on the NATO bars, you can just surface mount them onto the body capping.

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That is exactly the same set-up I have apart from the fact I didn't cut off the lower section of the front tubes and they slot into the OE mounts which fix to the rear-tub. Still nothing like a real cage though and that is the decission you have to make before you start, so you want it just for looks or proper protection?

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Hi,, in a word , yes,

I have a NAS90 type cage/bars, front screen bar combined with a rear cage as below, getting rid of the hoops/stickes,


This looks great, and in answer to other questions, Id have to put functionality ahead of looks, so it must do the job.

Whilst I dont think Ill get the time to compete in any competition events, I would like something that is fit for purpose.

Tim where did your one come from and what sort of cost are we into (I presume still need the bit over the doors etc)?

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