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Fuel Tank

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At the weekend, got into a few situations that left me at an angle. Causing the the gauge to drop into the red and the engine had a spot of trouble running. Cleared itself once on flat land though?

My assumption would be starvation, poss air in the fuel system.

Any input in the what i do to sort out the problem......?


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Fairly easy to sort out if it is the pick up in tank problem rather than a carb in engine problem:

Method 1 - keep more fuel in the tank when offroading and put up with it peeing out through the cap!

Method2 : If it is happenening a lot and is becoming a pain then replumb in all the fuel system using a swirl por - this is effectively a little ( .75 -1 litre ) fuel tank that you run the engine with drawing fuel right off the bottom of it's narrow shape. This huarantees that no air is sucked into the system. The main tank is then used simply as a big reservoir to keep the little one topped up..

I had to do this for a customer who races a TVR and every time he went rount a sweeping bend the fuel all centrifuged away from the pick up and caused him to lose oomph until he coasted onto the straight and could race again.

It is common practice on racing cars ( esp. injection and diesel ) and often surprises me that offroad vehicle don't do the same - even if all you use is a bloody great fuel filter to add a bit of reserve to what is available to the engine......


have alook at my motorsport plumbing site for a pictire of the said TVR on the homepage

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The D90 is a 300Tdi so luckily its the pick-up in the tank.

Usually have about 1/2 a tank, but at that time of day probably close to a 1/4 a tank.

Keeping the tank full, was my first call.

Method 2 sounds a good route to go. Will have to investigate the option.


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