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Where does that go?


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Here's a puzzler for you electrical types;

Two days ago the range rover ran on both petrol and LPG, today, after bleeding changing the coolant and not a right lot else the LPG kit was dead - no lights, nothing. This is usually wiring (the previous owner spent a fortune on the LPG conversion, and JE Engineering said it's very tidy...I hate to think what some of them are like... :blink:), so we went rooting around under the bonnet, found the negative lead to the battery had come adrift, so fitted a new ring terminal and attached it to the earth point (direct off the main neg battery cable). Still nothing.

A bit more digging revealed a loose wire next to the coil, with the remains of a snapped piggy-back spade terminal on it. I'm pretty certain this wire used to run to one of the coil terminals, so started looking there and found what appeared to be the other half of the terminal on the negative side of the coil. Connected it back up, and then had power to the LPG kit, but no fueling of any kind, petrol or, so far as we could tell, LPG. Disconnect it and the hotwire ECU starts fuelling again... :unsure:

The wire is green and is connected to a red wire that goes up to join LPG loom. The green wire runs right across the bulkhead and finishes up with a taped up loop, not connected to anything, under the coolant header tank. Our best guess (and it is just a guess) is that it's some kind of engine running signal for the LPG kit?

The LPG kit is a Landi Renzo. There's not much detailed info on the web about it, but I've found pictures of Leonardo and Millenium kits that appear to have identical control boxes.

On the plus side the whistling noise has disappeared :huh:

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The "Engine Running" Signal on the IWEMA kit is achieved by wrapping a wire round the coil lead so it picks up the pulse signal as the engine runs.

It works fine with Magnecor leads too (before anyone asks?)

I don't think this specifically answers your question - I found no end of mystery wires round the coil when I was fault finding a couple of weeks ago.. :(

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