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gearbox sensor


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there are a million sensors on the JATCO autobox and I don't think anybody really understands how they work, last time I looked it is a "sealed unit" basically no internal parts available from LR, and only seals etc for the outside, because it is SO complicated they won't let anybody else get into it ... I might be wrong but I don't think even the experts like Ashcrofts do rebuilds on them.

Suggest you need to plug it into a dealer diagnostic system, it will speed the diagnosis up considerably!

There will be an intermittent fault which will cause the gearbox to go into "limp home mode" but the fault could be gearbox, sensors or even the computer bus that links the whole lot together, if the signals are lost between modules it might provoke an electronic grump.

Really not a DIY prospect I am afraid....

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Ashcrofts Do rebuild/recon them

they had recently purchased a very expensive machine to test run them after rebuilds when I visited a while ago.

there is a speed sensor inside that packs up but as Stephen said not a home rebuild.

the more I read on Freelanders the happier I am we got rid of Vals one :)

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