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300 Tdi cambelt change - timing issues SOS!!!


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We have a 300Tdi Disco. We decided since the vehicle was at 145,000 and there was no evidence that the cambelt had ever been changed, that we had better change it!

My partner got onto the job, locked at the timing in place etc.....well at least he thought he had!! Apparently he had forgotten to lock the flywheel in place (blame it on a long day and the cold!!). Replaced all the belts and parts and put the thing back together, and guess what, the vehicle would not start!!

Realising his mistake, he decided to start over. Took it all apart, set the timing again, including the flywheel using a homemade locking tool (drill bit welded through plug) and tried it all out again. This time the vehicle started but ran very badly and poured out blue smoke.

He assumed that something must still be out of place, as the engine ran beautifully before! He assumed that the flywheel must be 180 degrees out. So he reset the timing using the second notch on the flywheel by turning the cam 360 degrees. This time it tried to start but wouldn't, more blue smoke.

Every time he has taken it apart, to try again the timing settings are slightly out from where he set them.

To be perfectly honest, we are lost now! SOS!!! He has always struggled with diesel timing a bit, being more of a "petrol V8" kinda guy! But it's just not practical to have a V8 disco for everyday driving and this is something we have to fix now.

Anybody got a clue what we have done wrong, or how on earth to try and fix this!?!

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I have a bad feeling that you have bent the push rods. By running with way out of time it's about the same as getting a belt snap and the issues you normally have.

1/ Take the rocker off, the rocker arm off and check the push rods for any bending (roll on a flat surface).

2/ align the cogs as specified, e.g crank at arrow, cam at case line, pump with a 8.5mm drill bit in.

3/ put it all back together.

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