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More feedback, oil leak

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After my trip to Scotland 600 miles or so, on parking up back home I had two small pools of oil seeming to come from the engine to gearbox bell housing.

My conundrum is that I had this renewed..probably about a year ago and it's been solid up till this trip, If I take it back to the garage then I wouldn't expect them to do under warranty but don't want to pay to have it redone for it to go again. What's your experiences with this type of oil leak.

200tdi in a hardtop 90 ta

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My experience is not good!

Read this:


It quotes me saying that I got to the bottom of it, but it's leaking plastering my garage and the roads with plenty of oil again....

Next move is to replace it with a genuine seal again, but scrape of the paint and sikaflex it to the bellhousing.

Hope that helps,


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