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Accelerator pedal too high...

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hello fellow landrovites.

my accelrator pedal in my 110 V8 irritates me because it is so high off the floor that when I am not flooring it (i.e. long highway trips cruising at low power settings) my shin gets cramps holding my foot in the high position.

I am quite tall so it is a tight fit overall in the 110 cab, on top of that it is a LHD so there is sodall space next to the pedal but I have the feeling that the pedal is just ridiculously high off the floor.

are there any mods for this? is my pedal maybe mounted wrongly?

any tips would be appreciated.

my RHD TD5 has much better accelerator pedal ergonomics.

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When at full throttle is the pedal on the floor??

Just wondering if you are going to need to adjust the effective gearing somehow to give an overall smaller length of travel from zero to full throttle....

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hi V8 freak, this is similar to what I have been thinking, was just wondering if there were any "clever" fixes out there I wasn't thinking about, I don't dislike having a "low gearing" as it means I can give throttle with more fine adjustment.

one of my ideas is to simply cut the pedal off, cut out 2cm of the arm between hinge and pedal and weld it back on, suppose that will also change the ratio but at least I don't start with my foot in the air....

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Seat is as far back as it goes without lifting the rail to get over the lip at the rear of the seatbox, my truck is a hardtop though so the rear bulkhead does limit my backrest, will be cutting out the lip on the bulkhead to gain another 2cm.

The front lower corner of the accelerator pedal is 16cm off the floor at idle.

I have ordered a soft top and once it arrives I will see if I can afford to raise my seat by the 25-30 mm needed to get over the rear lip of the seatbox.

Checked yesterday and the pedal is effective over the full range.

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