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Ford Puma 2.2 Recall


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Hi folks.

I had a Service action pass over my desk this morning regarding the recall of Transit 2.2 with engines built between Sept 2011 and 31st December 2012. This is regarding oil pump failure resulting in reduced oil pressure and consequential engine damage if the oil pressure light illuminates. The Ford number for this is 4S616. There is a revised oil pump required to remedy this fault. If it's of interest i'll try and scan a copy and put it up here. 15 months is a fair few engines i'd say.

Best regards.


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Just had the same with the Transits at work. The ford garage told us a recall had just come in for the van when we rang them to come and collect a transit that had died at the side of the road, with engine malfunction and oil pressure lights coming on. This was a 2012 Transit 140HP so not exactly sure which engine it is. Engine had manage 88,000 though.


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