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Tell me how to correctly fit a TD5 rear crank seal.

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My Discovery won't pass another MOT - the chassis is too far gone. Which means that in the short term i'll be needing to turn my attention to my broken 110 to try and get it road worthy.

I tried changing the rear crank seal (genuine LR) on it an age ago and it leaked quite badly afterwards.

I've been searching for a howto for the seal but have come up blank.

Instruction on how to not cockup a second install would be most appreciated.

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Rear crank seal leaking won't fail the MOT - just an advisory.

You're right but it leaks a quite a rate and would leave quite a trail on the road :(

What year is your 110, and what engine?

It's a 2003 with a 15p TD5 engine.

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