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Starting a diesel

Chris Davies

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I’ve just swapped to a 2.5 nad (12j out of 90/110) from a 2.25 petrol and cannot get it to run.

I’ve bled the system and have bubble free fuel at the injectors, filter and pump.

I’ve wired the fuel solenoid on the injector pump and have 12v when the ignition is on and when the key is against the spring when cranking.

I’ve wired the glow plugs through the starter solenoid and have 12v on each plug (I’m switching them on for about 20 seconds).

Have I missed something? It doesn’t sound like it’s even close to running.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, had noticed that problem with the priming lever, just rebled, no joy, battery now on charge!! towing not a possibility atm.

Where should the priming lever be left? At the top of the stoke so that the lever is horizontal or at the bottom, against the engine block.


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Slight progress, took the glow plugs out and and tested, one broken and another a bit oily, cleaned them and put them all back including broken one. Turned the engine over while they were out and could see fuel coming out of all 4. I then switched on the glow plugs for 20 seconds and tried again - slight cough and turned over a few times on its own. bet effort yet!!

Need to order a new glow plug and try again

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