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200tdi problem?


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Hello, I am new to the forum and thought the Discovery section was the place to ask a question.

I have a Series 3 that I have re-engined with a 1990 200tdi Dicco engine.

My question is, If I accelerate under 2,000rpm I get lurching (like a learner driver with their foot bouncing on the gas pedal)

After 200rpm I get loads of smooth power.

I suspect the fuel injector pump? but have no experience here. It is a 200tdi BoschVE with standard cable throttle.

I have taken up slack in the cable.

I have renewed the fuel filter and can prime OK with the lift pump. I have checked all fuel lines and tightened the leak off banjos.

Any ideas please? Chris.



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It could be the asymmetric spindle in the FIP sticking.

The turbo produces air pressure this is transmitted via a small diameter hose to a diaphragm at the top of the FIP (under the square cover - 4 screws) this diaphragm pushes an asymmetric spindle down which in turn pushes a plunger to govern the amount of fuel supplied to the injectors. If this spindle is sticking it will give you a kangaroo ride.

Remove the cover - carefully - check the diaphragm and spindle, note the EXACT position of the spindle and put it back in the EXACT same position. If it's been sticking there will be wear marks on it and on the plunger pin located at the engine front of the spindle. Lubricate the spindle and put a dab of engine oil on the pin, reassemble and test drive.

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