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Please spell it out to me. central locking.

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Hi all..

So this is the situation, I want to fit central locking onto my existing keyfob blipper thing. in order to do this I need to;

Firstly: get the some actuators to lock the doors - fine. I can get a unbranded set for £30 for all 4

Secondly hook it up to the AS10 unit (which is hopefully the 280 version on to pin 2 & 3)

I assume the as10 unit is the control box for the remote as such - so the actuators literally connect to it some how, which means they should then operate via the landrover remote.

If someone cleverer than me out there can do a dummies guide for me that would be greatly appreciated.

I shall do a picture guide once done if I get the info required, otherwise I feel I will be playing with cables till next Christmas.


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I'm not sure that the AS10 controls the central locking, as mine plugs in to the ECU. My understanding was that the AS10 just tells the ECU to unlock the doors and turn on the courtesy lights.


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The 10AS unit controls the central locking (if it has the extra relay on its circuitboard), as well as the turning on and off, the courtesy lights.

You can hook-up aftermarket lock actuators to work with the 10AS unit - but, only as lock/unlock 'slave' units.

The 5-wire control circuit 'master' actuator for the driver's door, which is supplied in all of the aftermarket kits, is incompatible with the 4-wire control circuit used in the 10AS and 'factory' driver's door 'master' actuator.


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how? or should I get a genuine original master and then hock the rest into it.? really not getting this. it should be easy right.

or I use the master actuator from anywhere and use 4 wires instead of 5? is that what you are saying?

sorry feel really dum here at the moment.

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