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  1. daveturnbull has nailed it - it's a fuse holder. From your additional pictures, I can see that the two brown wires are crimped into the same terminal. Looking at the gauge of those wires, plus the wire colours, I would hazard a guess that this fuse holder was installed as part of the SA build. That fuse carrier needs replacing completely. Prise it open to see what the value of the fuse is, and depending on the fuse value, consider replacing it with a 'Maxi Fuse' carrier, which has larger terminals. .
  2. Are you sure that it's a connector? It may be the resistor for your blower motor. The only wiring details for the SA 2.8 Defender, are to do with the additional wiring for the BMW engine, the rest of the vehicle is supposed to be the same as the 300Tdi on pre-1998 models, and the TD5 on 1999 models onwards. Could you post a few more pictures of it, from different angles, showing any moulded-in writing, part numbers, logos, etc... .
  3. Another one that I'm always being asked for. The connectors in this series are made exclusively for BMW by TE Connectivity (AMP), and aren't available commercially (except to Jaguar/Land Rover and a few other manufacturers). However - a 'zero coded' (universally keyed) version can be bought from a BMW dealer - The BMW part number for the female connector, is - 61 13 8 367 076 BMW's zero coded connectors are 'Water Blue' to denote that they are universally keyed Female terminals and seals have to bought separately (picture from BMW parts listing) -
  4. I get asked for these all the time. The glow plug connectors are not available from Land Rover, except as part of the complete engine harness. I’ve looked for a supplier – but, it’s not clear who actually makes them for Leoni Wiring Systems (Land Rover’s harness manufacturer). However, I’ve been reliably informed that the same connector is used on some VAG (VolksWagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) vehicles, and is available from a VAG Dealer, as part number 028971782A In the Defender / Discovery-2 engine harnesses, the other ends from the glow plugs, are all crimped together
  5. As said, they're TE Connectivity/AMP (not Amphenol - they're a different company) 070 Multilock connectors. The terminals don't look that bad, - that's just a bit of mild corrosion caused by dampness. A soak in vinegar will remove that corrosion, followed by a good rinse in de-ionised water, and a thorough drying-out. Use Silicon contact grease on the terminals to keep the corrosion at bay. .
  6. You need a Sumitomo HW090 2-way female connector to mate with the male connector in your pictures. I can supply these, complete with terminals and wire seals. .
  7. The Puma heated seat switch is wired as follows - Pin 1 - live in Pin 2 - live from dash illumination Pin 3 - not used Pin 4 - live out to relay Pin 5 - to earth .
  8. The D2 spotlight switch is a non-latching (momentary) earth-switching switch, intended to switch the D2's spotlight electronic control unit. As such, it's wired as follows - Pin 1 - from ECU Pin 2 - from dash illumination Pin 3 - not used Pin 4 - to earth Pin 5 - live from spotlights (to illuminate the switch's tell-tale LED) To achieve what you want, you will need to use a latching live-switching switch, such as the Defender Puma heated seat switch, and swap the switch front for the D2 spotlight switch front. .
  9. The connector keyways on that switch, tell me that it's a rear electric window switch for a Discovery-2 and a Freelander-1 It uses a Purple 6-way connector. I have these. .
  10. I do ship to Belgium, by Royal Mail Airmail, which isn't too expensive. The headers are £11.95 each, supplied with 20 x terminals. Additional terminals are £0.28 each. I only have a few of the grey and blue headers, but larger stocks of the other four colours (green, orange, yellow, black) .
  11. The smaller pinned connectors are Econoseal III 070 series - available everywhere. The larger pinned connector is an Econoseal III 250 series connector. Both male and female 250 series 4-way connector kits are available from AutoClick. Male connector kit - https://www.auto-click.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=785 Female connector kit - https://www.auto-click.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=786 .
  12. It's a Yazaki YESC 2.8 Sealed System 2-Way Connector - I'm sure that the female connector is used on D3/D4/RR Sport - but I don't have a LR part number for it. The male connector is used for the Puma/Tdci Defender heater blower, and is LR part number YPC900890 - Unfortunately, this for the connector housing only, terminals and seals are not included. Land Rover sell the terminals and seals pre-crimped to short lengths of 2.5mm² cable, part number 41841118 (418-411-18) - These cost around £30.00 for a pack of 10 There's so
  13. I separated the interior lights and instrument back-lights from the single on-off-on switch by my right knee, into 2 x separate switches. The interior lights are now on a switch on the centre panel on the dash, and the instrument back-lights are now on their own switch in this position under the clocks. .
  14. The Bearmach switches that MUD sell, are based on the Land Rover switch YUG000540LNF This switch switches a relay's coil to earth - they don't make this too clear. They nicked my diagram for YUG000540LNF for their instructions - here's one I've modified to be specific for rear work lamps that work how you want them to - The wire colours shown for - Dash illumination (RO), Reversing lights (GN), Permanent live (PN), and Earth (B) are as found on the vehicle. .
  15. Don't connect the WG wire to anything. It's an ignition switched live used by the TD5'S Denso alternator. It's not required on the P38 alternator.
  16. The Defender 300Tdi under-bonnet fuse box doesn't compare to the TD5 underseat fuse box, as you've discovered. The TD5 underseat fuse box is based on the engine compartment fuse box used in early Freelander-1, and 300Tdi Discovery-1, which are based on the engine compartment fuse boxes fitted to Rover 200, Rover 400, MGF and MG TF cars. They all have the same Sumitomo connections, but I don't know if they all have the same functionality. The Freelander-1 and MGF use the same fuse box - YPP100310L in the Freelander, and YPP100310 in the MGF - the MGF version is cheaper.
  17. I've always used 'Galvafroid' paint to cover the cut surface on Galvanised metalwork, such as conduit, trunking, tray work, etc...
  18. YWY000080 was also fitted to Rover 75 / MG ZT cars.
  19. et voilà BLACK Sub-divided into five circuits - BLUE Sub-divided into four circuits - GREEN Sub-divided into four circuits - GREY Sub-divided into three circuits - ORANGE Sub-divided into six circuits - YELLOW Sub-divided into five circuits - Supplied (as pictured above) with a 20-Way Splice Connector, Splice Cap and 20 x Sumitomo 090 Terminals. They are £11.95 each + Postage .
  20. The terminals you've pictured, are Sumitomo 090 unsealed terminals to fit the the HM090 and HD090 series of connectors. As Peaklander said, they are for interior light and alarm interior sensor, and should be located behind the headlining, at the top of the driver's side A pillar - The 300Tdi (and 1999MY TD5) used a 'Natural' 4-way HM090 connector for the interior lights, and a Red 3-way HM090 connector for the alarm's interior sensor. The 2002MY TD5 combined these circuits into one Light Grey 10-way HD090 connector, along with the central locking circuits for the ta
  21. Sorry for the late reply. The heated seat loom shouldn't affect the operation of the hazard switch. Maverik has already answered correctly, regarding the hazard switch's illumination and operation. It is probably just the bulb. If you remove it from the switch, you can test it by putting 12v across the contacts on the bulb holder.
  22. I posted some info on the crimping tools that I use, here - https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/14892-wibbly-wobbly-speedo/?do=findComment&comment=802149 (the pictures have been ruined by PhotoBucket 😠 ) I now have two models of reasonably priced (Chinese ) ratchet crimpers in stock, which perform an adequate crimp on these Sumitomo 090 terminals, as well as the TE(AMP) 070 terminals used on the switch connectors - For 0.25 - 1.0mm² For 0.5 - 1.5mm²
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