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  1. There's no relay in the rear wiper circuit. Your problem sounds like the rear wiper motor park switch is stuck on.
  2. 3waycomponents sell them on ebay, here - High Quality Superseal Mounting Panel Clip For Use With AMP Superseal 1.5 Series
  3. It clips into the back of the connector to hold the wire seals in place.
  4. I have the genuine Lucas-Rists terminals - but, they're expensive - £1.50 each + Postage. I’ve managed to source some terminals which are almost identical – but, they require a little ‘tweaking’ to make them fit the housings. These are a much more reasonable £0.25 each They are slightly wider in section, than the originals. They can be made to fit by rubbing them down a bit on some fine abrasive, and snipping the left side and bending out a retaining tang. The contacts can also be re-shaped with fine-nosed jeweller’s pliers, to make them more like the originals. Some pictures comparing an original terminal (crimped to green wire), with the similar terminal - .
  5. Ash Grey on softdash RR, 300Tdi D1, pre-facelift D2 Black on facelift D2 (from 2003 onwards)
  6. Defenders from 2002 onwards, have used 1.5mm² for the HRW.
  7. 1985 will be the SAE type moulded rubber bullets, you can get pigtail connectors on ebay.
  8. Pete's link is to the seller I use when I need a Lucas wiper motor connector 👍
  9. 3waycomponents have the Lucas 5-way switch connectors - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lucas-Rists-5-Way-3mm-Moulding-Wiring-Connector-Kit-To-Fit-Lucas-183SA-Switch/133252214758 I've got the hazard switch connectors - £9.95 + £1.55 for UK 1st class P&P.
  10. I've just checked the wiring diagrams - Discovery-2 TD5 and V8 use 3.0mm2 1999MY Defender TD5 uses 3.0mm2 2002MY Defender TD5 uses 4.0mm2
  11. I'm pretty sure that the factory wiring is 4.0mm2
  12. It's a BMW connector, I recently posted details, here - https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/108548-td5-fuel-pump-connector/
  13. Here's the thread that I posted in - https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/80056-roof-bar-light-wiring-advice-needed/
  14. They're available from numerous places, usually in 100's. I have them in a couple of sizes @ £0.10 each. However, you can make them from a 6.3mm terminal, by snipping off the receptacle and insulation crimp. I'm pretty sure that I posted it on here once before. When I find it, I'll post a link to it.
  15. The first diagram is correct for YUG000540LNF YUG000540LNF switches the earth of the relay (terminal 85) from pin 1, to earth on pin 4 The switch's night-time illumination (pin 2) also earths through pin 4 The tell-tale is illuminated through pin 5, to earth on pin 4 Pin 5 is only live, when the auxiliary lamps are powered from terminal 87 of the relay. Your diagram wouldn't work, for a number of reasons. .
  16. It's an FCI (now Delphi/Aptiva) SICMA 1.5mm Mini-Sealed connector, which comes apart like this - The terminals are inserted on their side and are retained by the 'fingers' in the housing, locating into the recess on the terminal - .
  17. I don't sell the connector housing, but looking on the web, I found this German site that's listing them for just over 4 Euros - https://www.skandix.de/en/spare-parts/accessories/din-assembly-parts/plugs/plug-housing-blade-terminal-sleeve-for-fog-light/1052953/ So, I would expect a similar (equivalent) price from a UK Volvo dealer or specialist. I can supply terminals and wire seals, if you need them. .
  18. The 'Thor' V8 (D2 and late RR P38) uses similar Bosch Jetronic connectors (with detail differences and different keyways) The V8 injector connectors are YPC114900 (BMW 12521427615), and look like this - The Volvo connector looks like this - Aside from the differences in the body styles (position of boot retainer, bottom of connector and the height of the release clip), they are essentially the same connector. The only thing stopping you using V8 connectors on your fog lamps, is the keying along the top of the connector. The injector connector is Code I The Volvo connector is Code II If you trimmed-off the keyway lugs on your fog lamp's male connector, the injector connector should connect to it. .
  19. The connector pictured in your first post, is a Bosch Jetronic connector, similar to the connectors in their commercial Jetronic range, but made for Volvo in a custom colour (grey). The connector, terminals and seals are available from Volvo, under the following part numbers - Housing = 979041 Terminals = 978261 (0.5 - 1.0mm²) Seals = 970772 The terminals and seals are standard TE (AMP) Junior Power Timer 2.8mm, which are available from many sources, including me .
  20. What's it for? Could you post some more pictures of it, from the front and rear. As said above, it looks like a Junior Timer / Junior Power Timer variant. But there are other makes that are similar, some interchangeable, some not. .
  21. daveturnbull has nailed it - it's a fuse holder. From your additional pictures, I can see that the two brown wires are crimped into the same terminal. Looking at the gauge of those wires, plus the wire colours, I would hazard a guess that this fuse holder was installed as part of the SA build. That fuse carrier needs replacing completely. Prise it open to see what the value of the fuse is, and depending on the fuse value, consider replacing it with a 'Maxi Fuse' carrier, which has larger terminals. .
  22. Are you sure that it's a connector? It may be the resistor for your blower motor. The only wiring details for the SA 2.8 Defender, are to do with the additional wiring for the BMW engine, the rest of the vehicle is supposed to be the same as the 300Tdi on pre-1998 models, and the TD5 on 1999 models onwards. Could you post a few more pictures of it, from different angles, showing any moulded-in writing, part numbers, logos, etc... .
  23. Another one that I'm always being asked for. The connectors in this series are made exclusively for BMW by TE Connectivity (AMP), and aren't available commercially (except to Jaguar/Land Rover and a few other manufacturers). However - a 'zero coded' (universally keyed) version can be bought from a BMW dealer - The BMW part number for the female connector, is - 61 13 8 367 076 BMW's zero coded connectors are 'Water Blue' to denote that they are universally keyed Female terminals and seals have to bought separately (picture from BMW parts listing) - 2.5 - 4.0mm² cable Female terminal = 61 13 8 352 926 Seal = 61 13 8 352 924 1.0 - 2.5mm² cable Female terminal = 61 13 1 392 304 Seal = 61 13 1 383 791 0.5 - 1.0mm² cable Female terminal = 61 13 1 392 302 Seal = 61 13 1 383 789 .
  24. I get asked for these all the time. The glow plug connectors are not available from Land Rover, except as part of the complete engine harness. I’ve looked for a supplier – but, it’s not clear who actually makes them for Leoni Wiring Systems (Land Rover’s harness manufacturer). However, I’ve been reliably informed that the same connector is used on some VAG (VolksWagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) vehicles, and is available from a VAG Dealer, as part number 028971782A In the Defender / Discovery-2 engine harnesses, the other ends from the glow plugs, are all crimped together to the yellow/black feed wire from the glow plug relay, and sleeved over. .
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