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Brake sticking and heating up


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I noticed the other day that my Disco 2 Commercial seemed to have lost its puff in 2, 3, 4 but was on the way to a job and didn't put two and two together. I then found the passenger rear side wheel to be super hot after the next time I was out. From what I've read, I understand it could be a problem with the brake pads (best case scenario?), the calipers, pistons or even the brake pipes too.

Having just recently moved to London I don't have any of my kit or any space to even begin to start exploring the issues. Can anybody recommend a LR specialist in SW London who's got a good reputation?

Many thanks for your time.



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Sorry I can't recommend someone in your area, but the problem's most likely just seized slide pins and easliy resolved. If no one on here can help try the D2BoysClub for local assistance.



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