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  1. Transfer box input shaft fail?
  2. Two probabilities, warn selector or weak indent spring and ball on the selector shaft. There is the posibility that the lower end of the lever is bent not allowing it to engage properly.
  3. What we don't know is weather the oil is black or clean oil, if it's clean oil it would be coming from the gearbox. If it's engine oil and a new seal was fitted I would question the crank, is it scored? Do you know the history of the engine? Has it been rebuilt sometime in it's life?
  4. Check the fluid pipe between master and slave cylinder for any abrasions and check the unions and any joints it may not be leaking fluid but could be taking in air. If you find difficulty in finding the cause of the problem first thing I would do is fit a new fluid line and bleed.
  5. Something else that springs to mind concerning insurance is that if you have side windows and seats in the back, bench or folding, it can be and should be classed as a car, solid sides and no seats classes it as a 'commercial' vehicle which can quite dramatically increase your insurance premium.
  6. Water pump fan mounting failure probably due to a poor casting from new that had hairline cracks develop on cooling of the metal or in the boring and thread tapping process. Your best course of action is to fit a new water pump, probably the cheapest and only option. Bad luck that!
  7. Forgive me if I am wrong but I believe that if you have a 110 with more than 7 seats you are required to have a PSV license to be able to drive it because it puts it in the class of a minibus. Something else to be considered.
  8. One very important thing to consider if you want to modify any road going vehicle by adding modifications is that it is a legal requirement to inform your insurance Company of the modifications carried out and also make sure that those mods are actually road legal.
  9. Those that I have ever come across have a free running pulley which when the ACE is switched on the clutch in the pump drive is activated and locks into the pulley which runs the pump. If your pump is engaged with the pulley without switching on ACE then it would suggest that the clutch is stuck which could well be the cause of the belt squeeling. Is there any sign on inspection of the belt of any wear due to it slipping?, if so then I would say that your pump clutch is siezed.
  10. My local LR parts and equipment shop are very good and supply what you want when you want it at a very competitive price, only occasional problem is some of the Britpart parts are below standard and soon fail, my brother had 3 rear hub units for his Discovery before he had one that didn't leak. The staff are very knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful.
  11. Why do you need the vehicle registration for parts identification in this instance?, it doesn't make sense, surely, all you need to do and all the parts department need to know is that you want belts for a 200TDi engine. Simple.
  12. Farmerfred

    Hot fuse

    It seems that our copper phone wires have never had this treatment, the lines are so degregated that when it rains they fill with water and we loose our connection, BT/Openreach have known this for the last 8 years and won't fix it. But that's another story!
  13. Farmerfred

    Hot fuse

    I would advise not to smear anything on the contact points of a fuse as you are introducing a barrier that will restrict current, it's like smearing your battery connections with vaseline, smear it on after you connect the leads to keep out moisture and corrosion, not before. If you want to work out what rating fuse you should use in any circuit, (and cable rating) devide the Wattage by the Voltage which gives you Amps.
  14. Farmerfred

    Hot fuse

    You can always tell the difference between the good and not so good blade fuses, the blades are thinner and the plastic housing is thinner as well and paler in their rating identification colour also, often the rating marked on the better quality fuses is picked out in white, on the poorer ones it's not and the rating is harder to see. Avoid fuses that come in a pack with the name Blackspar.
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