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14CUX/GEMs/Thor to ZF4HP22/24 to LT230


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Hi All,

Researching this in spare time but wanted to check my understanding. Are the following statements accurate?

LT230 be fitted in place of the Borg Warner transfer box when fitting gearboxes from classics/p38s onto '95 D1 V8i chassis. Same mounts on the gearboxes throughout?

The 3.9 14CUX and 4.0 GEMs engines run on the same design of gearbox bell housings.

The 4.6 Gems had the Big torque converter with a different bell housing on the auto gearbox.

The 4.0 and 4.6 Thor had alloy sumps which removed the inspection plate on the 3.9 and GEMs engines. This also changed some details on the gearbox bell housings.

ZF4HP24 are tougher than the ZF4HP22 other than possibly needing bell housing swaps are the same thing.

ZF4HP22/24EH are electronically controlled and would require something like compushift to run.

Thanks for your help.

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Looks like the 24 box is 15mm longer and would require a shorter rear prop. That wouldn't effect my decisions too much.


Longer output shaft on the 24's looks like it could be a fuss to sort though...


Late 24s are the same length. Presuming this is those mated to 4.6 Thor lumps?


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HP22's are available in non-electronic form, Disco 1's and RRCs both had this fitted.

The D2 onwards had electronic version of the HP22, which would require compushift or whatever. I think that is where the changeover happened, but don't quote me on it, could be late D1!

Oh, and you can, probably with Ashcroft's help, fit HP24 internals into an HP22 case.... they have various upgrades available and still keep it a hydraulic box, rather than electronic.

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Yeah, looks like the electronic box will be one of the many projects shelved for later. Can't see any realistic way around the compushift box, although a compushifted 24 does sound very nice!

Will the changes in the sump on the Thor 4.0 and 4.6 mean I would need to change the bell housing on the '95 ZF4H22 D1 3.9 V8i box? ...or will my 3.9 sump fit the Thor engines?

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