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Bit of emergency help/advice needs

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Traveling to the island from the artic, Well going via a boat from Gothenburg, However, my front transfer box bearing has gone, squeaking badly, if I wobble the prop, it giggles a bit (not loads).

Was thinking of taking the front prop off and locking the transfer box, but the car is full loaded.

What are my options folks.

Help, options, is it better to leave it?

I put this is the international bit too, but thought this one too as it is a defender 110

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You could do that and drive gently, easing up the acceleration, until you can fix the bearing. The front output flange will still be turning in that configuration, but it'll be crrying very little load, so will last much longer than if you don't.

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Thought to add since I now have this sorted, I took the front prop off and it was knackered, the UJs were ok really, a little shaky. The bit that was broken, worn was the ball in-between the joints two top joints, is it called a CV joint in the centre yoke? Anyhow, it's off and I am waiting for a new one. Drives ok, just being a bit careful on take off.

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